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NCIS "Scope" (300th Episode) Episode Review

Now this is more like a 300th episode. Not like the last one where I thought it was the 300th episode. Flashbacks, the mention of old characters and not to mention that the whole cast was involved with an awesome case!

Their new case is to figure out why a sniper would take out random people in a 3rd world country. Only to find out that he's a dangerous sniper who just wanted a passport to get into the US without a problem to carry out his bigger plan!

Not only did this episode have the whole cast, but it was also an important one for Gibbs. Everybody was so worried that Gibbs didn't get any sleep the night before, but why didn't he and why was he dodging those questions? I knew he always slept on the couch, but I didn't know why he did until this episode and thanks to a sneaky psychologist, she was able to kill two birds with one stone.

She knew she couldn't get to Gibbs' the normal way. So she had to go about it the not normal way. By using someone who was just as stubborn as he was to realize that he needed to open up too and he did just that. One of the few times I've seen Gibbs' open up.

Aaron helped Gibbs and Gibbs helped Aaron. Even if neither one wants to acknowledge that help because like Gibbs said "We're snipers, we're stubborn". That they are. But that's what they both needed to realize to finally open up and get back to themselves.

While all of this was going on, the team was also having their own little "troubles". This time, it was a spring cleaning bet. Not too sure what was all important. But McGee didn't hold his end of the bargain. "Blaming" it on Delilah making him an awesome breakfast. However, it was that one little breakfast that is going to make McGee consider one of life's biggest risk. Asking her hand in marriage! 

Sure, their case was solved. Aaron got his gun back. But I felt like the case was just a small part of this important episode. Aaron was finally able to let his daughter see him again and then Gibbs went into the one room he probably hasn't been in in years.

His bedroom. It was their's. He didn't want to go in there probably because he felt sad and didn't like that feeling. However, that all changed when he opened that door and stepped in. The minute he laid down, he feel right to sleep.