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Once Upon A Time "Devil's Due" Episode Review

Just when you think the Underworld, oh I'm sorry, Underbrook (awesome name Regina!), wouldn't get any more creepy, they surprise you. From the start of this show, it had me hooked on all the twist and turns it took. I felt like they lacked that the first half of the season, only to jump start that back up in the second half.

So sad, no more Peter Pan, for now. I was so hoping we'd have another father/son moment or at least have Peter Pan there a little more often. Maybe we will eventually, but for right now, he left his shop to his good old son who dove right into it. Surprise, surprise, that he wanted to check up on Belle! Or did he? 

The rest of the gang is trying to figure out how to save Hook from Hades. Which is easier said then done. Well, it was easy, but there's a catch involved, I'll just get to that in a minute. Rumple wants to help them now? What happened to him wanting to have nothing to do with them? Rumple being involved just makes things a whole lot more complicated.

Sure, he was able to help Emma get to where Hook was, but still, he always makes things so much harder for them. I don't think that was his intention, but at the same time, I don't think he cares. He only cares for himself and himself alone. If he messes someone up along the way, well, then it doesn't matter.

Not only did Rumple make their trip down here more difficult, he also made it more awkward by finding his ex wife! I wasn't expecting her to be down there, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised after all. How awkward was that meeting? I'm sure that was all Rumple's plan. Make no one like each other so he can get out without a hitch. Well, there's always a hitch.

The flashback world was before Rumple became the Dark One. His wife was pretty awful. I mean, wanting your husband to kill someone just to get medicine for you son? Ok, I know their son was dying, but still, murder shouldn't be your first option or any option for that matter. Sure, Rumple's deal about giving away his second born baby wasn't the brightest idea and I could see why his wife would be way upset about that, but hello lady! You wanted your husband to kill someone! Then you'd have to go on the run for the rest of your life so you wouldn't get caught! Both plans don't sound great, but still, on the run with a kid isn't a great thing either.

Yay, the happy reunion with Hook and Emma has finally taken place! But there's always a price when working with Rumple or anyone evil for that matter. They should know that by now. I knew that Emma finding Hook felt way too easy. Someone like Hades wouldn't just let his one ticket walk out the door without a back up plan.

That's where Rumple comes in. Remember that deal he made for the second born? Yep, that guy is in the Underworld and Hades made a little deal of his own! He's now in charge of the contract. He wants Rumple's next born who just so happens to be Belle's first! I completely forgot that Belle was pregnant. Way to go there Rumple! When Belle finds out about this, she won't be happy with you! Oh and a side note, Rumple actually wanted to see what Neal was up to, but he somehow stumbled upon Belle instead. 

Aw Hook, he didn't want to do what Hades wanted him to do. To name the three people who would stay in the Underworld forever, so he did it himself! Another little hitch in their quick get out of Underworld plan. He wants to keep the three people who are a threat to the world above because of the good they do! Snow White, Emma and Regina! But wait, doesn't that spell danger for his world too since they are also the reason why so many people have moved on or now that they are there forever, does that not work anymore? Who knows, now they have an even bigger problem now. Stuck there forever. No hope, just like Hades wanted.