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Once Upon A Time "Souls Of The Departed" (100th Episode) Episode Review

Operation Firebird. To help the people trapped in the Underworld move on. Can they do it? If it's up to this family, they probably can, but I think Hades is going to be a bit bigger villain then they are used to.

Aw, memory lane. I love visiting it every time a show hits the 100th episode milestone. Seeing people who have died or we haven't seen in a long time. They always find some new way to bring them back. Going to the Underworld meant that they would see a bunch and this probably isn't the last of the people we will see.

Neal. He had a very brief, but important part in the episode. Why is it so important that they don't go to the Underworld or stay very long while they are there? Does it have to do with the fact that Hades doesn't want them there? This is a family who does good and wants to fix things that are bad, so could that be the reason? Oh who knows, this is just the next villain in the story and he probably just doesn't want someone good stomping on his home and bringing it down.

Helping someone move on and getting their unfinished business out of the way has made them want to stay even longer. Well, that and the fact that they can't even find Hook. Which I find is a bit odd. He looked like he was in pain when Emma tried to speak to him. Where could he be that they couldn't even get magic to work right? 

Peter Pan. I've missed him. He has been my favorite villain so far and he still is. Is this the last we see of him or not? I'm hoping not since they are sticking around for a while. But why is Rumple wanting to leave so fast? That should be a red flag to anybody. 

Cora, still the same as always. Lying. But this time, doing it for Hades! That was a bit of a surprise there. Cora is actually trying to protect her daughter, but since she didn't listen, Hades is turning Cora back into her old self. No surprise that he'd do something like this.

Aw James, I knew the minute he walked in that it wasn't David. That and the fact that Snow pointed out that he changed his clothes. How and when would that have happened? But she didn't know the difference until they kiss and then she realized it wasn't David. They may look a like, but they kiss differently. Will David and James meet up again or is this the last we will see of him? 

Everything is much creepier in the Underworld, but I was expecting nothing less. It's made even more creepy having it mirror their normal happy home above. All their familiar places made darker. Granny's was the worst yet. The minute they walked into that, I got the chills. Like really? Why do that to Granny's?! 

So sweet that Regina was able to see her father move on and not have to go down to wherever that lava takes you. He got to go to a happy place because he was good. Henry meeting his grandfather was so cute. Even if it was for a brief second. But that's the second that changed everything. Because of that, they want to try and help save the Underworld. That's probably why Hades doesn't want them there is because he knows everything about everybody. He knows this family. He knows that them being there isn't a good thing and that when they are on a mission, they see it through until the end.