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Pretty Little Liars "Did You Miss Me?" Episode Review

After last week's exciting episode, this episode felt a little boring. At least to me, it did. They do have a plan B now in taking down -A, but I just have a funny feeling that even though they are hoping to surprise -A, -A is never surprised.

Lucas totally still has feelings for Hanna. Why else would it seem like he rushed home just to check out his house to make sure it was functioning properly? Then there was the fact that he offered Hanna a deal at the end. Is he just being a good friend or does he have another intention there?

So it was Mona who called Charlotte that night to meet her at that diner! But can Mona be trusted? Sara is right, after all Mona put them through, how do we know that she's truly telling the truth this time? I do want to believe it, but with her back history, I have my doubts.

How in the world did -A make it so that Ali fell down the stairs? I just don't understand that. People fall down stairs all the time, it's an accident. How can it be staged? But poor Ali had to spend the rest of their honeymoon in a hospital. I now believe that Mrs. D has the twin. Mainly because it's like mother like daughter. Ali visited Hanna in the hospital, now Mrs. D has visited her daughter. I don't care what drugs she was on. I'm telling you, I think that that scene was real. I just hope this doesn't mean that this Mrs. D is the one who killed Charlotte because that would just be disappointing.

Was this Liam's way of telling Aria that they have called it quits? Through Ezra and Aria's business date? That was odd and almost worse then getting it through a text message. Like really? Man up and tell her on the phone or via video chat! Don't surprise her all of the sudden by having someone tell them that they aren't on speaking terms.

But that could mean that maybe, just maybe Ezra and Aria might get back together! Please oh please let any of the original couples back in! I hate the new pairings. Since Ezra and Aria are working closely together, I won't be surprised if in the near future, we see an almost kiss of some sort between them. At first, I was thinking that Ezra wanting to rewrite that one scene in the book, was going to be his way of telling Aria that what happened between them was a mistake. But in fact, he just wanted to tell the truth. That he left because he had gotten mad. We still don't know why they had broken up to begin with.

Hanna is having fiance/wedding problems. But does that give her the right to go to her ex to hatch a plan in order to bring -A down? Hello, they've been down this road before. Trying to get -A out of their life and it only leads to heartache or worse. No one can ever get ahead of -A and I doubt Hanna turning herself in is the best answer. 

So, it looks to me that Spencer and Caleb had more of a fling then they first led on. While they were away, they vacationed together! I just found it odd, that if Caleb is so into Spencer, why would he have just let Hanna take a hold of his hand like that and not pull away? Jealous Spencer coming out! However, I think all the stuff that's going on, it's just bound to get one of or all the originals couples back together. Yes, I'll keep talking about it until it happens!