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Scorpion "Djibouti Call" Episode Review

Not everything is as it seems on their new mission to Africa.

I'm not sure that I liked the fact that Agent Gallo lied to his team to get them to go to Africa. Sure, I know he was protecting them, but still, if they would have been all on the same page, I have a feeling this case would have gone a lot better then it actually did. Then again, it might not have been that exciting.

There's a new guy in the mix of things and it upsets the balance of the team. Tim. He seems normal, friendly and just there to do his job so he can move on to Homeland into bigger and better things. But Walter thinks something is off with him. Of course, I think he mainly started thinking that when Walter saw how Tim was looking at Paige. Walter, it's your own fault for not getting in touch with your feelings and having something with Paige!

However, Walter was really onto something. Tim wasn't everything they thought he was. That's when they realized that the first mission they were there to do, wasn't the mission at all. It was in fact, to stop a foreign antiquities guy from selling stuff in order to get money to the bad guys to make passports, etc. 

Tim enlisted their team hoping that it would actually work out this time. Last time ended in a terrible death for someone he worked with. Let's just hope this time is different.

The team didn't like the fact that they were left in the dark. I wouldn't be either, but when they learned that Gallo was in trouble, Walter was all over getting this mission done with and getting Gallo back. 

Toby is actually doing surprisingly well on his quitting gambling cold thing. But I'm not sure how I like the whole truth or dare situation either. I get that he wants to find his thrill somewhere else, but he is with the love of his life, that should be thrill enough and I think Happy finally got that through to him.

Man, is there anything Sylvester isn't afraid of? Monkeys? Really dude? Getting scared by a monkey is what created a bigger mess then they were already in. But he is still one of my favorite characters. Though it is hard to pick just a favorite on this show. Sylvester and the lawyer was too cute. Trying to figure out a law suit in order to get the game shows to actually let Sylvester play only to make the lawyer almost lose his job in the process. Well done Sylvester at hiring him on as Team Scorpion! That's exactly what this team is made up of.

After a billion hiccups, the team was able to get what they needed. Gallo back and the fake bowl in place so that they could arrest this guy and stop him from doing what he was doing. All is well in Team Scorpion, or is it?

Is this the last we will see of Tim? It's clear that he and Paige have a thing and I actually like him. I could see him helping in on a few more missions. Maybe being a "Ray" to their group. But Walter is mighty jealous. No matter how much he wants to deny that he doesn't feel those things. He felt it when he saw Tim and Gallo hanging out thinking he was going to get replaced and now he feels it looking at Paige and Tim. You can't keep hiding your feelings, buddy.