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Scorpion "The Fast & The Nerdiest" Episode Review

Sylvester, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right! Who else loved seeing Sylvester play a game show? Now I would have personally felt bad for the rest of the contestants trying out going up a against a genius who clearly knew all the prices and didn't even need to know about the products. But bravo for Sly for winning! Now will we hopefully get to see the unveiling of the new name for the clinic? I hope so. We've seen this much of it, why not just go all the way?

Their new case is quite a risk. None of the team liked taking this chance knowing that what they were walking into may not pan out at all and they could get in serious trouble for what they were about to do. But it was all for Gallo's old friend, Mick. Now these two are what you call complete opposites. Mick wants to run from the law and here's Gallo, enforcing the law. Sometimes opposites are the best kind of friends, though.

I did feel bad for Gallo when in the end, after all they went through in this episode, that Mick ended up being bad and Gallo had to sadly arrest him for stealing the bio weapon the team was trying to track down. One that Mick sent them after, but only sent them after probably to find it for him and he'd take it before they ever got a chance too. Well, it didn't work out for you buddy.

Walter's big ego comes into play again. It's not a total bad thing, but when it almost costs one of the teammates their life, it becomes a bad thing. What a surprise to learn that Walter actually felt bad for what happened and apologized at the end! He really is growing and getting more in touch with his feelings. Though thanks to what Gallo said about people not changing, I hope that doesn't take Walter a step back. 

I love seeing all these different sides of the team. This time we got to see why Mick and Gallo were such good friends. Mick was always supportive of Gallo taking art classes when the rest of his friends thought it was silly. Thanks to Walter, that passion for the arts can grow again and can we see more of it? I totally felt something between Gallo and the new art teacher! Will Gallo find love again?

Man, I don't think I've ever learned so much from Happy! She's normally the one who wants to keep things to herself. But she finally came to a tipping point with her and Toby after going through their new case and realizing what Toby actually is. A gambling addict and she doesn't want him to go down that road again and leave her. I think Toby can try to change, but quitting gambling cold turkey isn't the best way to go about it. But he's desperate too. He doesn't want to loose the one girl he loves. So he's willing to do anything. Let's just hope this doesn't come back to bite them in the butt.