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Scorpion "Ticker" Episode Review

The team must try and prevent a serious outbreak of a virus and save a little girl's life in the process.

I normally don't love these kind of episodes. The last time they did an episode in a hospital, I didn't like. I don't like outbreak type stuff, but this one I actually really loved. Probably because the side of Walter we finally saw and I realized how much he is changing.

Sure, they had to save a whole hospital and a whole lot more from getting tainted blood with a bad virus, but the one person they were worried most about, was a little girl Walter met while waiting to see the doctor after he got hurt in a car accident.

I don't know if I've ever seen Walter this good with a kid before. He was sweet and really encouraging. Could it be that what Paige is teaching him is finally settling in and he's actually using it rather then ignoring it? Normally, Walter would have just stated the facts and probably scared the girl out of her mind. But it could have helped that he realized that she is also different. More like him and that's what drew him in and he wanted to do anything to save her.

All thanks to Toby, they soon realized that all the blood packages have been tainted with this virus. Who would do such a thing? Well, someone who is so desperate for money, that they are willing to do anything to make that happen. Yep, pretty awful of a person. Todd (the bad guy) was ready waiting for the cure for desperate people, but he's also the one who tainted the blood to begin with.

Though they had to race against the clock to get the right blood and actually steal from a moving car, they were able to save that little girls life. I wasn't sure what direction the show was going to take at the end. You never know now a days if they want to do something happy or make it more realistic. Thank goodness Scorpion normally tends to stay the happy route and the little girl is alive and well! Who actually gave a lesson to Walter and she probably doesn't even know she did it. To make the most out of every second. Not burry yourself in your work and he is trying to do just that.

Let me know what you thought of tonight's episode in the comments below!


  1. enjoyed the show and agree that Walter is making progress. He listened to the little girls advice!


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