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Scorpion "Twist and Shout" Episode Review

Ok, this wasn't the best episode. I guess all episodes can't be the greatest and I don't mind them having to go through a difficult weather type thing, but I feel like we've had enough of these lately. Get back to an actual case soon, please!

Not that I didn't love it. I loved all the human emotion this episode had and seeing the cast grow, but the case itself, not so much. Though, it was just another episode to see how brave (or stupid, depending on how you look at it) Walter is when it's time to face danger. 

Even Tim (yes, he's back!), was awed by Walter going head first into a tornado all to stop it hopefully come full down on them and ruining everything they worked so hard for in the first hour of the show.

Tim is so going to be more of a road block for Walter then I first imagined. Well, I knew he was going to be some sort of hiccup, but hopefully things with Linda pan out for Walter. I was sad when he called and he got her voice mail and Tim was able to ask Paige out right then and there. 

In a weird way, I kind of like Tim and Paige. I'm not sure if Tim is legit when he comes to being surprised by how Ralph operates or if that's just him trying to kiss up to Paige and get her to liking him or what, but I hope it's not. That would just be awful and be the end of Tim, I'm sure.

Even though Walter still doesn't want to admit that he has feelings, he does, big time. Especially when they come to jealously. Tim and Paige, jealous. Tim beating his high score in that game, jealous. He just needs to admit it sooner rather then later before it's too late.

I was shocked to see that Linda was actually wanting to give Walter a second chance. But I was happy because I felt like she was kind of rude to him the first time. Here he did was save her life and she turned him down for a second date. How cold is that? Ok, sure some girls don't like excitement like that, but Walter got his hopes up and she shot him down.

I always love seeing Sylvester and Ralph getting to work together. Even if Ralph wasn't pleased that Paige made Sylvester stay with him. He was actually embarrassed! Poor little guy! I guess I would be too in that situation. Guess we'll be seeing the lawyer soon! How awful of that teacher to steal Ralph's idea like that! Blaming him that it didn't work and in turn using it for his own gain! 

Another thing Walter doesn't understand. Closure. I don't totally either, since I haven't been through that feeling before quite like that, but I do know it's important. Not knowing what has happened to the love of your life. You just want closure. I wasn't sure how the case was going to go when John started to let his feelings get the better of him after he met the guy who killed his dad. It didn't go bad like I thought, but it was because of this that Walter realized that it was so important to do whatever they were doing. In the end, Walter finally realized what closure was. Good for him. Another human emotion learned.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!