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Shadowhunters "Bad Blood" Episode Review

Ok, since I have read the books, I knew what was going to happen to Simon, but some of the episode did surprise me actually. Completely forgot about the Forsaken (and how creepy they are) and not to mention that Alec popped the question to a girl!

Lydia Branwell, their new babysitter basically, from the Clave. No one is happy when she arrives because that can't be a good thing. Having the Clave come to visit is just like having the big boss dude come in town. It's either for a check up or something bad is going down. Lydia is just doing her job. Something she choose to do instead of following her heart which just led to heartache for her. I felt bad for her, but I'm not sure how I feel about her character.

It was nice to see Clary think long and hard about what to do about Simon transforming into a vampire. To do it for him, not for her, but I'm not sure if that ends up being a good thing. Now it has been a while since I've read the books, but I don't quite remember him freaking out like that with Clary when he turned at the end. It didn't take me long to remember Raphael's character, though. He's a good guy, well for the most part. He still is a vampire. 

One of the few things that have surprised me so far, is when I found out that Alec and Izzy's parents were apart of the Clave too! Maybe I should reread this series. I seem to have forgotten a lot of stuff, but maybe I shouldn't at the same time. I like getting surprises every so often. Knowing exactly what's going to happen would make it a bit boring.

I felt bad for Clary, though, when she went to try and tell Simon's mom that he won't be coming home anymore. That is hard to tell someone even if you don't know them, but I'm not sure why she just didn't blurt it out or have Jace do it or something. Or be like hey, he's fine, but he just needs time to himself right now. One of the few things I hated when I read the books, was when Jace told the falcon story. Hated it then, hated it now. Glad they didn't have any flashbacks of that story. It would have been too awful to have had to watch.

So, the Lightwoods are no longer in charge of the institute. They were not happy about that at all. But Alec's big idea/plan to make up for that? After I thought he had given up on helping his parents and would start listening to his heart, he decides to do what they wanted all along and proposed to Lydia? Just to make the Clave happy? Um...I don't think that will work out, but oh well.


  1. Hello,
    Very nice review, thank you. I agree with you that this Alec proposing thing won't work out, but didn't you get the feeling that Lydia is actually manipulating Alec into it? Who just goes and blurt out about their dead boyfriend just like that? And to someone you have met only like a few hours ago? And the parents being part of the Circle... It sort of struck me as too staged, too... well planned. Okay, I really didn't like that Lydia girl, I might be completely wrong. Just wondered what do you think...

    1. Um...didn't think about it too much with Lydia. I didn't totally like her from the beginning, but I'm not totally sure why, either. Maybe she did have a thing for Alec, like she said "Now I can see why all the girls back home are talking about you" and that's why she said that. But won't she be surprised when she learns about Magnus. :)


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