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Shadowhunters "Malec" Episode Review

The most awkward of all weddings has arrived! Where there's a twist, a sort of runaway groom and a wedding crasher.

Of course Izzy is in charge of the wedding. I wonder if she put herself in charge. Seems like something she'd do for her brother. Someone who she thinks is making a horrible mistake by going through with the wedding, but will be behind him 100% because that's what family does.

But Izzy being in charge of the wedding is probably the best thing that could have happened. While dealing with all the wedding stuff, she also wanted to throw Alec a party. But since she isn't human, she doesn't know exactly what goes into a bachelor party. So, she goes to the only human she knows. Well, ex human.

Yep, Simon. Who gave her the best advice possible. It doesn't matter what the party has at it, it's more about the people who are there and that's exactly what she did. She finally got the two most stubborn people on the show to actually stay in a room and chat about their feelings and it was probably the best for all their situations.

Jace and Alec are back at it as brothers! Alec was never really my favorite character. But I am glad that he actually was able to get over the hump of whatever issues he and Jace had. That also helped Jace finally talk to someone about the little bomb he received as well.

That the love of his life is actually his sister! How gross is that? I mean, Clary is right, they didn't know, they shouldn't be totally beating each other up about it, but they are. I guess I would be too if I thought that the person I was falling in love was ended up being related to me. How disappointing, not to mention gross, would that be? I can totally understand how disgusting he must feel of himself right now. Not only that, he's going through what anybody after finding out that their whole life was a lie, feels. That they don't know who they are anymore.

Now I know how this plays out if they go to the book with this story line, so I'm not worried nor am I on the edge of my seat, but I am still oddly enough enjoying the ride. It makes me sad when things don't work out for one character, but knowing full well something better is coming, makes it not so hurtful.

Here I thought that they were actually going to get Jocelyn awake. Only to have another hiccup. I guess the main focus of the story can't be done in season one. I actually don't know when it happens, since I haven't completed the series, but still, I was hoping that maybe they'd change it up a bit. Clear all this mess up with the sibling stuff and move on, but they won't and probably won't for a little longer. 

The epic wedding of the year didn't happen! Shocker! The title of the episode explains it all. Magnus crashes the wedding. Alec realizes he's making a huge mistake and it takes off from there. 

Lydia is so not the person I thought she was. She actually turned out decent. I kind of hope that this isn't the last we see of her. Of course, her being one of the main reason why the cup is gone, may not help her cause or the fact that she didn't go through with a marriage that could help patch things up either. I think she's in for a world of trouble.

Now this part of the story, I so should have seen coming, but I had actually forgotten this fact. That Hodge is in fact bad! How could I have forgotten such a big part of the story line? I guess that's a good thing since it was more surprising then "I saw this coming" type of feeling. Everything is still changing for our favorite Shadowhunters and I think this is just the beginning.