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Shadowhunters "Rise Up" Episode Review

Their world really has been turned upside down. But is it for the better? Sometimes change is a good thing. Especially if it's the same every single day.

Though all that's going on, all the characters are having a hard time with it. Simon, I'd say, is having the worst time of his life right now. Realizing what he's turning into and now he knows it's all thanks to his supposed best friend.

Now I tell you that was the fastest make up between friends on TV I have ever seen! One minute, he's ready to bite her head off (literally) and then the next, he finally realizes that maybe they can still be friends. 

Ok, not that I don't mind that they made up because having a best friend hate you for two or three episodes, is so not cool, but I was just surprised at the turn around of feelings in that one scene. But that was kind of the theme in tonight's episode.

Everybody seemed to have a change of heart. If it wasn't Simon, it was Alec who is, I don't know what he was doing. He's clearly not going with his heart or his head because he doesn't agree with his parents or anything. He's just more stubborn then I realized and is trying to fix things now. Buddy, I don't think you can fix things. 

After learning that their parents were in the Circle, Alec is so furious he blurts it out to them! I would like to hear some sort of explanation from them soon, since it seemed to me that "it isn't what it looks like". Who hasn't heard that line a million times? Still, I hope we hear something good soon or else Alec may lose his family forever.

So, Jace really does know what is going on with his brother and here I thought he was just totally clueless like most guys are. But that won't help their cause. Especially when Jace teams up with Clary to fight the war the right way and not the way everybody else seems to be doing.

Izzy wants to save her boyfriend from being sent to the Silent Brothers. Lydia thinks that he has more info then he is saying. I thought Seelie's were supposed to tell the truth? Maybe it has been too long since I've read the books. Oh well, I'm just glad that Clary was able to stand up to vampires and wolves to help them all out.

Really, Raphael's big plan in helping Simon is to cage him up with his best friend while he hasn't fed yet? That's just stupid. Of course, to him, it's probably a two birds one stone kind of thing, but this was actually the push Simon needed to realize that he needed to get control of this thing before he hurt someone he loved.

All in all, this show is finally starting to take form of something that I enjoy. It could be because they are going off the books now and are going into things I either don't remember or I haven't read (yes, I haven't read the last book yet) and I have always wanted to see Simon transform and I am loving that part. So in conclusion, I can now say I'm happy I've stuck with this show.