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Shadowhunters "This World Inverted" Episode Review

Wow, this world really was different from the normal world. Peaceful and everybody was so not like themselves. In some ways, it was nice, but I knew this world wasn't real. It was more of a dream.

Well, it was another dimension, but still, it was nice while it lasted, but I'm glad it was only for one episode. However, this episode was so fresh and exciting that I really had no clue what was going to happen. Which was a good thing. I'm either mad that they changed something from the book or mad that they didn't do it quite right or something along those lines, but this episode wasn't like that at all.

Clary learns that the necklace she has with the piece of the porthole is actually from a different dimension. They have to go into that world in order to find the right one it belongs to and it should bring Clary to her father. 

Like Jace said, with seelie's, there's always a catch and there was, I just wasn't expecting this kind of catch since they surprised me yet again. However, that's why I loved this episode. It was so full of surprises.

So, the characters in the other world. Clary seems to be herself. But her mother and father are there, alive and well and not evil. Simon isn't a vampire and is happily dating Izzy who's a complete nerd like he is. Alec is, what appears to be a preppy boy who's not afraid of what he's feeling. Then there's Jace who works at a food truck? So not expecting that, but it was so random that I liked it.

Even this world had me sucked in at times. Clary was happy. Her family was happy. There were no such things as demons or shadowhunters or vampires or anything. However, no Luke except for his appearance on that weird commercial with Magnus who helped Luke realize that the cop life wasn't for him and to open a book shop! Then there were those little things that made Clary snap back to reality and remind her why she was really there. To find her father.

Thanks to Alec, though, their nice little plan got a hiccup. Alec is so mad at Jace that he's willing to hurt their parabarti in order to figure out where Jace is so he can get the cup back! Which makes a demon go into this perfect world and spells disaster for Clary. Glad the real Jace was able to go in and help save the day.

Raphael is having a hard time training Simon into becoming a vampire. So, Simon's brilliant thinking leads him to the one place where he could be torn to bits, Luke's wolf pack! Though that wasn't the best idea Simon came up with, it actually ended up being a good thing since he was able to help Luke get the IA off his butt. 

With the help of Magnus, they do find the right portal. But it doesn't send them to where they thought and were hoping to go. Now this is probably the catch the seelie had in mind. It wasn't Clary's father they found. It was Jace's! Another surprise twist I didn't see coming.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!