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Supergirl "Falling" Episode Review

Just another typical day in Central City. That is until a fire broke out and a fireman was trapped and Kara had to go save him. That's when their typical day all changed.

Hello red kryptonite! At first, I kind of liked the way the new Kara was with it. She was confident, dressing differently and in a weird way, standing up for herself more then usual at work. Then like Superman, the red kryptonite takes a wrong turn. 

But that's what it does. Red K messes with your emotions. Making you say things that are buried deep down that you wouldn't normally say or do for that matter. But man, Supergirl and Kara both did major damage that is going to take quite some time to fix. She even got the new girl fired! Which I think was bound to happen eventually, but not by Kara! And just when her and Winn were starting to really get along! I don't think this will help their relationship or whatever they were calling it, though.

The difference with this Red K then in the past that I've seen, is that this one was man made! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that man was Max! Of course, the next thing he does as soon as he's released, is try to make a weapon that could potentially harm Kara. Oh sure, he says his intentions were for Non, but I don't totally believe him. That and he's Max. Someone who hasn't proven himself to be trustworthy at all since we've met him. But I still sensed chemistry between Alex and Max. I know I keep saying it, but I do see it there! But of course, he was good in this episode. If it wasn't for him, Supergirl wouldn't have been cured. Then again, if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't have been red K to begin with, so yeah.

With Lucy ending things last week, I wasn't expecting her to quit altogether from Catco! That was a surprise to hear that. Ok, I know this sounds mean, but I'm kind of happy. That will hopefully give more room for James and Kara to grow as a relationship.

However, that could be put on a halt after what she did while on Red K. Sure, Alex wanted Kara to let James know how she felt before someone else swooped in, but how Kara went about doing it, wasn't the best. While on Red K, don't go after the guy you like! It always ends badly. So bad that James has said he needed to take a break! Right before Kara was coming up with the courage to say how she felt! First time I've been mad at James!

I like the relationship that Kara and Cat have together. Well, Supergirl and Cat that is. Cat is more human around her and when Supergirl came to apologize to her at the end, Cat was actually understanding. I'm not sure if she'll ever support her quite like she did in the past, but I think that was on the road to mending the relationship. 

Poor Hank! Though I did kind of agree with Red K Kara that Hank is afraid to reveal himself. I mean, it worked out for Kara, why not for him? But I can see where he was coming from now. Now that he revealed himself in front of his own work place, he isn't in charge anymore. I wonder who is? Alex maybe? He likes being in charge to protect to the two people who have become like daughters to him. Why can't they see that he's been good? He has. He's not a bad alien. I really hope this fixes and soon because I already miss him and seeing him locked up was just so sad.

What were your thoughts on tonights' episode? Did you like seeing the red K Kara or do you prefer the normal version?