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Supergirl "Manhunter" Episode Review

Alex and Kara try to help out Hank after he revealed who he really is as J'onn J'onzz but it's not as easy as it looks and their world is about to change.

The episode of change. Everything is changing and it's not all a bad thing. I loved the show before, but now I really love it. There's a bigger story at play now. It's not an easy let's go take down this alien before they hurt anybody else anymore. They have a mission. Even if it might put themselves into danger. Supergirl has even changed. She's now the feared person. Not the "Yay, rescue has come!" like she used to be. Let's just hope that doesn't stay like that for too long.

Alex and Kara hate just standing around doing nothing while the person who is playing this version of Hank is being interrogated by someone who sounds more like he's on a revenge kick then a "help the planet" kick. They should have just stayed in the sidelines. Because now Alex is the one getting questioned.

If you've always known someone as good and they've always helped you and then you learn a secret about them that could change everything but doesn't, then that shouldn't be a big deal. He's an alien, he's a good alien. Are they forgetting that Kara herself is an alien too? Look how she's turned out. Why can't they just put their faith in J'onn J'onzz like that too? Almost sounds a bit hypocritical to me. Then again, like I said, it sounds like this guy is more on revenge then anything else.

But why? This new version of Hank is actually a decent man. Ok, enough with the fact that he isn't a man. The old Hank was harsh and unforgiving. This new Hank made this guys' life worth something. People enjoyed being around him. Hey if it wasn't for the old Hank, their father wouldn't be dead. They wouldn't have hunted down this alien and the manhunter would have lived in peace on the island.

So, what bomb shell do I drop first? The fact that Siobhan has powers or that Lucy now knows who Kara really is or that she's in charge of the DEO now or that Siobhan almost got Kara fired but Cat knew right off that it wasn't Kara who wrote that email?

Ok, I dropped them all, but there was a lot in the last few minutes of this episode to take in. First, let's talk about Lucy. Who I finally like for a change. She's on the side of good. She knows that J'onn J'onzz is good. She knows Kara's secret and understands all the stuff with James and him running off now. No, that doesn't mean they are back together, I think that ship has sailed. Now here's the kicker, J'onn J'onzz has made it so that Lucy is now the director of the DEO! I actually like that idea!

Oh Siobhan. I thought she was going to be on good terms. Ok, Kara getting her fired probably should have seen some retaliation coming. I'm not sure if I could have quietly gone with knowing someone sabotaged me getting fired. So glad that Winn didn't want to jeopardized his friendship over someone who likes him and he helped Kara keep her job! I wonder if she'll know what's going on whenever she lands back at Catco? 

Then there's the little fact that they decided the throw in. Siobhan has powers! Is this the first time she has known about them or is this the first time she's ever shown them to someone? I'm guessing it's the first one. She looked surprised. Thinking she was falling to her death only to be saved last second by her scream waves. I wonder if that's why The Flash comes next week?

Then there were all those awesome flashbacks! Ok, watching their dad die was not one of them. I was talking about the ones when they were little. Watching Kara trying to fit in with her new class mates. Alex never really liked having to babysit her back then. She was different. She wanted to use her powers, but she couldn't. Until now.

Ok, there was one that I didn't mention. One that I was hoping would be true, but I wasn't sure and was starting to lose hope of it ever being true. Their dad is in fact alive! He's in that awful place that J'onn J'onzz and Alex were almost getting ready to go to if not for the awesome save by Lucy and Kara. Even though I kind of figured it already, I wasn't totally surprised and yet I was at the same time. Let's just hope they get to him in time.