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Supergirl "Solitude" Episode Review

Alex finally telling the truth about who really killed Kara's aunt is long over due. I agree that Kara didn't need to know right then who killed her only living relative, but the fact that it has stayed a secret this long was really eating up at Alex. Especially now that Kara has "quit" working with the DEO.

Which makes for their new case really hard. For the DEO and for Kara. It's made even more awkward when they recruit Winn to help track down the big bad this week. However, that gave the chance for Kara and James to work together!

Even if that means that his relationship with Lucy would pay for it. Lucy is not at all happy for the fact that he keeps blowing her off for Supergirl. If you only knew who Kara really was, I think she'd be even more mad. Though Kara finally gave permission for James to tell Lucy the truth, I doubt that would have fixed their problems. Kara tried to go help their situation by telling her how committed James is, only to make Lucy realize what everybody knows and Kara and James are just too afraid to tell each other. The fact that they love each other. Lucy knew it right when she learned that James told Kara about his father and she knows nothing about him.

Kara has to find new ways of trying to figure out how to fight this new cyber villain without the DEO. The Fortress of Solitude is just as amazing as ever. I loved the fact that James and Kara got to work more closely together. It might make it awkward in the future knowing what Lucy now knows about them, but I hope not too bad or they will finally realize it and say something to each other.

Both work places aren't going smoothly right now. DEO and Catco. However, since the new assistant is on a power trip and thinks she knows everything about Cat, she actually gets sidelined after Kara tried to help her out with something! That's when we finally see that there might be more to her then just the tough, I wanna get to the top, attitude. She actually has a thing for Winn! Or that was just in the moment type of thing, but I'm hoping she's good and that we can warm up to her. 

I'm not sure how I felt about the villain this week. Hearing that the old Supergirl from Smallville was going to be in this version, I was thinking she was going to be some distant friend and not some odd villain Kara had to fight and save their city from. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was expecting, either. They did add an interesting touch, though. Indigo and Non used to be a thing and he might be putting her back together? I didn't totally understand that at the end, but thought that was interesting. Maybe this isn't the last we see of her.