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Vampire Diaries "I Would For You" Episode Review

Though I would have loved for this moment to have come soon, I'm actually glad it waited this long to officially time jump. That way all those mysterious 2 or 3 seconds we got a glimpse into their future, all magically clicked tonight.

Why Damon went under, why Caroline is mad at Stefan, why Stefan decided to officially go on the run and so much more. I'm glad they did a "oh, here's a look back in case you forgot" on the time jumps. It was nice to see that there was actually a plan all along with those, not just "oh we're being mean to you" type thing.

Loved the fact that this is now the second time Damon has mentioned Rayna being an Elena look a like. I was wondering when that was coming up. Now I, personally, don't totally see it, but I guess I do. I wonder why they would have her be an Elena look a like? But her and Elena did have one thing in common. They both fell in love with a vampire. Of course, Elena didn't end up killing hers, she joined them. I wonder what Rayna would have thought about that one?

Ok, yes, vampires are the villains of this story, no matter if there are good ones or bad ones. They've all done bad at least once in their so called life or else they wouldn't be "alive" as they are today. So, I actually love the fact that Matt is standing up to them. Even if he hates threatening one of his good friends. He's getting tired of being shoved to the side and wants to stand up for his town that has gone to waste because of the vampire problem. Ok, didn't mean to make it sound like a rat problem, but it's almost kind of the same thing, except rats don't want to kill you. Makes total sense too why he would be wanting to "work" with Rayna in the time jump. She is helping him get his town back. I hope to see a thriving Mystic Falls once again.

Who knew that Caroline would be the only vampire who got what she probably didn't realize she wanted? A family. She looked so happy to be at home, with Alaric and the two babies. So happy in fact that poor Stefan just had to stand outside and look in and realize that by going in, he could destroy that. Poor guy, always paying for Damon's mistakes.

Not anymore! Damon has finally decided to take responsibility for his actions and has decided to go under with Elena! I guess I never knew how much he loved her until this episode. Hearing what he has had to deal with since she's been gone, just actually made my heart break for him. I will always be a Stelena fan, but that moment at the end, just made me a fan of Delena a little bit more. 

Then there's Bonnie. Who's furious that her best friend isn't saying goodbye. She already had to lose one best friend and has to carry that around with her, and now she has to say goodbye to another? Damon may be doing this for a good reason, but he still can be selfish. Taking the easy way out (huh, guess Elena and him had more in common then we thought) without wanting to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to a friend is hard and it was so awesome to see Bonnie care so much for someone she truly hated in the beginning. Their friendship is the one I've loved to see transform throughout the whole series.

Now that flash forward scene makes sense. Bonnie didn't go to a psych ward because she lost Enzo, she went there because she lost Damon. I'm still not quite sure what that scene is about, why go to a psych ward if you just lost a best friend? I feel there might be more to Bonnie's history then they let on, but what she talked about made sense now. 

Killing Rayna isn't as easy as it sounds. Sure, she reincarnates, but she does have a time frame. However, there's a hitch. Enzo did do one thing good. He pointed this out to Bonnie and Bonnie got to Damon before it was too late. 

Then the last few minutes were spent in three years forward. After the refresher reel, we came face to face with Rayna and Stefan. Learning that she actually doesn't want to kill Stefan after all! In fact, she wants to kill Damon, the one person that should have had the mark in the first place. Will Stefan decide to let this mark be off of him and kill Damon? Well, with the Stefan I've gotten to know all series, I highly doubt that will happen, but we will sadly have to wait until April 1st to find out.