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Castle "Death Wish" Episode Review

I love these episodes where they explore something that isn't true, but they make it out that it could possibly be true. They never say for sure if it is true, but there's always that little cliffhanger that makes you wonder if something like that could exist. This time it's genies and I still believe that blonde lady was one even though she denied it the whole time.

First off, I've gotta say that I love having the old team back together. That Castle finally figured out why he erased his memories (so much better then the first time around) and that it is all linked to Kate which makes them have to work together no matter what. I love the fact that they have stopped working separately and are back to being what I loved about the show in the first place. An awesome team with a goofy side kick (yes Castle, I'm talking about you!).

Their new case leads them to a lamp that was stolen and not just any lamp, it looks like a genie lamp! These cases truly bring out the kid in Castle. He may think like a kid when it comes to these, but that's just one of the awesome qualities he has that makes me love him. He's into all sorts of stuff and he doesn't care what anybody else thinks. On the contrary, he tries to make other people believe in that stuff too. 

Only thing that bugged me about this episode, is that it took Castle half the episode to realize that the blonde lady could in fact be the genie that is roaming the earth until she finds a new master. That would explain all her strange sudden disappearances. Though she was finally sort of explained, the only things that weren't explained were her disappearances. I mean, how could someone disappear in an empty alleyway with no means of escape that quickly? 

I really didn't see who the killer was. But I should know by now that most of the killers are the ones we see within the first few minutes of the show. Not all the time, but I'd say 80% of the time they are. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, you can kill someone if you are jealous enough. Yep, it ended up being the Dr. teacher lady who killed Lars because she was jealous that he found King Solomon's tomb. Something she's been searching for for years and has never found.

Jenny and Ryan's baby is on the way! For a minute there, I was having a sudden dreading that this show was gonna turn dark and sad, but I should know better. Castle never takes that kind of road. Sometimes they do, but not a whole lot. Jenny ended up having some complications during child birth. That's when I thought that something awful was going to happen. That maybe Jenny would die while giving birth, but thanks to Castle's wishes (maybe, they didn't totally say, another reason why they sort of hint at the possibility that that blonde lady really was a genie) came true. Mother and baby boy arrived safely into the world.