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NCIS "Charade" Episode Review

Aw, character themed episodes. Something I've grown fond of over the many years this show has been on and they never seem to grow old. It's been a while since we've had a good Tony episode and this one totally hit a home run for me.

The case itself was fun. Poor Tony had his identity stolen, not once, not twice, but three times! Someone must really be out to get him. But as long as NCIS is on the case, they won't be doing that much longer.

I was surprised, but happy that it ended up actually being his past date. Remember her? The episode we found out where Tony played the piano and had that flip picture (one with a cat, one with a dog). But poor Tony. Having to hear his life is boring through the actors she hired to play him. He was so not having a good day.

Then he was actually arrested on top of that! Get this, for impersonating himself! Good thing Gibbs never found out, but of course it is  Gibbs, so he probably did know, he just didn't say anything. You never lie to Gibbs. Don't they know that by now? Ok, I can see where the cop was coming from, but couldn't he have called in on his walkie and confirmed it or something? I was a little mad during that scene.

One of the few times I actually like Ellie. Ok, that's a little harsh. I don't totally hate her, but she's just not my favorite. However, what she did for McGee at the end of the episode was just so sweet. Tim is really into wanting to name a ship that is coming out in a few months. But it sounds like he didn't have any luck. Ellie, on the other hand, did. She submitted McGee's dad's name as a suggestion and made it to the finalist! 

Thought that their plan was gonna fall apart at the end there. What happened to being a "big time actor" for this guy who seemed to love to do the first bit but not the second one? Course maybe it had to do with him being bugged that made him nervous and completely change his mind at the last second. So, the lady just somehow managed to steal the car Tony was sitting in and pasted up a whole bunch of cars as she walked by them? Unless I missed something and that was her car, but I doubt that. That's the only part of the episode where I was like "Really guys?". It's good, though because then Tony was the one who was able to arrest her. Tony sitting with all the Phony Tony's at the end was really cute and a bit odd, but still, it was cute. I'm glad they were able to fit this Tony episode in before he leaves.