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NCIS: LA "Head Of The Snake" Episode Review

Has Nate gone bad? That's the big question on Monday night's episode of NCIS: LA when the team discover that he's working for one of the biggest bad ladies out there. 

I was hoping beyond hope throughout the whole episode that Nate hadn't turned. He's a psychologist after all. You'd think he'd know better, but I guess this episode just proves that he's human and makes mistakes like everybody else. Though the mistake could have gone a lot worse if he hadn't have figured out how to involve NCIS.

Though it was never totally said, I think Nate had them get Callen on purpose. Not only that, he also saved Callen and Sam's lives. Those were the times I was reminded that the old Nate was still in there, he was just in way too deep. But I believe Nate got Callen on purpose to call out NCIS to get extra help without getting extra help.

I really miss Nate. I wish he was on as a regular again. He's such an interesting character and he brings something different to the table. That and the fact that he's training to be an agent now in the field, would make for really interesting story lines. Or at least give him his own spin off. I could totally see that happening. 

I did have some doubts that Nate could have been bad. I'm not too sure what Sam thought the whole time. Did he think Nate had turned? I was thinking that, but then again, Nate did save his life, so I was hoping he'd know that this was a sign that he hadn't turned, he was just in too deep.

It was weird seeing this side of Nate. Normally when we see him, he's all put together and knows exactly what's going on and how to read people. He looked completely lost on this one. Again, that's just a total human thing and like Callen said, we all make mistakes.

Deeks' argument of the week (is this becoming a thing now?) is that his leftover foods were disappearing. First to learn that Deeks is a sleep walker. How would he not know that? I guess it could be a recent thing that happened and we thought because of that, he was the culprit, but it turned out to be Kensi herself! Even though she denied the whole time that it wasn't her, it ended up being her.

In the end, Nate was good, they got the girl and brought down 3 groups of bad people in the process. That's huge! Ok, not totally down, but they at least crippled them to the point of them falling apart on their own. Nate was just trying to prove himself as an agent. That's all and it almost made for a huge catastrophe. It's ok to prove yourself, but not at the lives of others. He's still learning. He'll get it soon enough, I'm sure.