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NCIS: New Orleans "Second Lines" Episode Review

The more I watch Sonja and Chris together, the more I wonder if they actually like each other. How Sonja was acting with all the "death" talk from Chris, it felt more like "I'm worried I'm gonna lose you because we are more then friends" then a "Oh, I'm just a worried coworker here".

Maybe it's just me that feels like that, but I've been "shipping" this couple for a while now. At first, I wanted Brodie and Chris to get together, but I don't totally see that happening anymore. At the end of tonight's episode, I half expected for Sonja to come and be like "Hey, I think I like you.". But I know that probably won't happen any time soon. Sonja doesn't seem like the type of girl to do that.

Anyways, their case was a bit interesting. Why would a guy who could attend the funeral that was happening, hide in an alleyway to take pictures? Well, long story short, the funeral they were attending was actually for someone alive and well! I don't totally understand why Boyd faked his death, but it was all very interesting leading up to it.

He got into grave robbing for the money. Debts and probably stuff like that is why he wanted to fake his death. But why kill someone in New Orleans where someone could find the body? That's just bad and blew his whole plan out of the water.

Then last second "Oh, don't tell my wife, I don't want her to know what I did". Pride was awesome and was like "You should have thought of that first pal". He should have. It would have saved a whole lot of trouble and someone would still be alive today. Someone who didn't deserve to die. All because they were trying to get to the truth and Boyd didn't want that to happen.

New Orleans celebrates funerals in a very unique way. It's fun how they do it. I'm not with Chris at all. Sure, Chris is probably afraid to die. That's a total human emotion there, but to run from death and not "face it" sort to speak isn't the answer either. I think Sonja finally go through to him with that. Didn't realize how stubborn and "macho" Chris can be, but he sure can be. Of course, if that's how he's raised, that could take time to come down. Let's just hope Sonja finally broke through and he won't be like that anymore.


  1. The interaction between "City Mouse" and "Country Mouse" deepens the audience's understanding of both characters; without that interaction, this episode would lack substance.


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