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NCIS "Return To Sender" Episode Review

Tis the season for to be continues to start up. Should have known that this was going to happen. It won't be long now until the season finale comes then we have to wait 3+ months in order to find out what happens if they leave us with a cliffhanger, which this show normally does.

I should have known something was up at the end when nothing had been concluded on why Jacob escaped and what he was going after. He has a hit list on his hands and he tends to use it and he did just that with the first victim. Tom Morrow. So sad to see him go and his poor wife had no clue that he met his death in his study at home. I feel some sort of "Clue" reference there but unless Tony comes up with one, I'm at a loss for one. 

Ellie is helping Tim house hunt! But each time they find one even remotely nice, he gets discourage because its way out of his price range. That opens up a whole other discussion. How did Tony find a such a nice place that he somehow owns? First, I was thinking it was the bank of Dad, but then remembered that bank is dried up. So how is it possible that he has it for a very cheap price?

As it turns out, three murders happened in his apartment that's how he got it so cheap! And only Tony wouldn't care (he probably thinks it's cool) that people died there. Kind of creepy to learn that about his place, even though it is pretty nice. I hope that Tim can find a place for him and Delilah and that we get to see their wedding. Remember, Tim was looking at rings a few episodes back.

Always love it when Tobias visits. However, this one is a bit different. I thought he was growing hard  as he got older. He wasn't the nice, fun, Tobias that we knew from the beginning. Well, as nice as Tobias can be. But it was all explained. The grumpiness was just a front to get out of paperwork all weekend. He has plans. As in date plans. He's trying to get back into the dating life, but is afraid to. I mean, having your wife be killed would be a hard thing to get over and get back into dating. At least he's trying, though. Tobias getting a new phone was fun too. He seems to love it. Could you just imagine if Gibbs tried to use that thing? He'd probably throw it across the room after 5 minutes (if even).

Abby always brightens up the day and her bows in her hair were just an added bonus. I don't know if I've ever see them before or not. But they were cute. Kind of unlike Abby, but it's ok to change things up a bit every now and then and too funny that the guys thought Abby was in the coffin. Ok, I could totally see her trying to scare them that way, though.

So yeah, the dead lady in the beginning, Sandra, she died because of an asthma attack from being in that container and the poor prisoner that escaped with her had to watch the love of his life die away. Ok, if you have asthma and are escaping prison, why stow away in a crate for 2 weeks? That just seems odd to me. Like they should have known she wouldn't last without fresh air. But oh well. 

Aw that lovely cliffhanger. Wondering where Jacob is and trying to find him before he finds his next target. Is he going to be the big villain of their finale? This seems to be their theme and they actually haven't done one of these in a while, so it'll be nice to hopefully have something like this again.