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Scorpion "Chernobyl Intentions" Episode Review

The case itself was exciting but I wanna focus more on the character developments. Each character has grown so much since the pilot episode and it really has shown in this episode. Ok, one character hasn't grown as much as I hoped, but he's still making progress.

Yes, I'm talking about Walter. Though Walter has progressed in a lot of ways, in certain ways, he's more stubborn then anything else. If he can't admit to any feelings but one, he should admit that he's stubborn. Then again, a stubborn person probably wouldn't admit they were stubborn.

Walter should have realized how awkward Happy felt talking to her boss about his feelings. That's normally something Toby does. But since Toby was absent, she felt the need to feel the void and do it herself when she saw a problem brewing that needed fixing. It's kind of cute in their relationship way that she felt the need to become Toby sort to speak. But she was a bit better. She told it to Walter straight. Toby would have but I don't know if it would have made a big impact on Walter as it should have.

Tim is beginning to annoy me. Sure, he's cute and all, but he gets in the way of Walter doing what he wants to do the most. Ask Paige out. If it wasn't for that stupid phone call, I think Walter would of spit it out and they would be going to the jazz festival. Though a relationship is a two way street. Paige probably knew what Walter was trying to say. She isn't stupid. She should have bailed him out, but maybe she thought he wouldn't grow if she did the helping rather him doing it himself. But then again, there is the reason that Happy brought up. Every relationship Walter has had that he has grown close to, has ended sadly. He doesn't talk to his parents. Megan died. So, that probably has a lot to do with it too.

Sly is becoming one brave dude. Even if he didn't want to go in the helicopter. Hey, I probably would have been scared to go in a helicopter with an inexperienced pilot, over a building that is leaking radiation too. Still, he did it when Paige went with him. Paige, someone who was really helpful during this whole thing. Not only did she calm Sly down, she also calmed the lady down when they were trying to get out of there. Made me realize again why Paige is really there.

I still think Toby is jumping the gun when it comes to the proposal. It looks like he's going all out and how awesome was that ring? I hope it's not lost forever. I knew something was going to have to happen towards the end. We don't follow a certain character on a show, especially this one, without it turning into something major.

Toby was right to not say yes to the judge about letting Mark go. He's not stable at all. That outburst at the hearing should have proven that. So how he managed to get out (or break out) is beyond me. I can see him wanting to go after Toby. He's the reason why Mark didn't get let out. But it worries me on what Mark will do to Toby because of what has happened. Walter will hopefully realize that he's missing and try to figure out what is going on before anything bad happens. But Mark is crazy and how the team was so afraid of him, just makes me worried for Toby.

So yes, it ended with Toby being kidnapped by Mark. But let's talk about that case now. The team had to go to Chernobyl to try to stop another radiation leak from happening. The wall they built up is starting to fall apart and they have to figure out the exact math in order to build a new one. What makes matters worse, is that the thing starts to leak, then Sly, the new lady and Paige get stuck inside the building. They get out, but Paige stays in. Walter's feelings for Paige really grow in each episode it seems like. He was worried for just Paige and went in to save her no matter what the cost. Then of course, a stupid stunt had to happen. It worked, but the show wouldn't be the show without Walter doing something crazy.

I really wish that kiss at the end would have been a kiss. Yay for Paige for doing that, though, so that Walter could climb up, but still, I wanted something romantic to happen between them. It probably will, eventually. I've watched shows long enough to know that the main couple is one of the biggest story lines and that they will always have hiccups until they finally get together. More often then not happens at the series finale. I hope this couple won't wait that long though.