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Scorpion "Hard Knox" Episode Review

I think this might be the first time that they went into a plan not really all willing and having it turn out completely different then they thought. I could be wrong, but the "good guy" ended up being the bad guy and wanting Scorpion to take the fall for something. So not cool!

Agent Cooper picked the wrong team to mess with. Wanting them to break into Fort Knox because he wanted to prove that it could be broken into when all along he wanted the vile of something really bad that he could sell on the black market. He shouldn't have picked a team of genius'. He should have realized that eventually, they would have figured out what was going on and turn the tables.

That they did, too. They somehow managed to bring everything back to Agent Cooper and no one was the wiser thanks to Toby's pick pocketing skills. It was nice to see Toby, Walter and Happy all work together and no surprise that with a high security case that Sylvester wanted to stay back at home base and help from there. 

I'm not sure what I loved more, the case or what they were doing with Ralph and him trying to prove that his teacher stole his idea and claiming that Ralph's idea didn't work. It was sweet to know why Haywood wanted to start fighting for the little people. All because someone did that for him and his mom way back in the day. Thanks to Ralph and his team, Haywood was able to win his first case! Ralph's bookmarks were so sweet. When he met Walter! I think that almost brought tears to Walter's eyes! Making him realize what a jerk he was to Ralph earlier. It's times like these when I can tell that Walter has changed. He apologize to Ralph! Loved it that Paige was able to witness that growth too. And what a surprise to learn that Ralph is in fact smarter then Walter!

Not without a couple of bumps along the way. They were having to deal with this and with Walter and his team breaking into Fort Knox at the same time. Something that sounded easy, but made a lot harder then it actually was. Since there was that hidden guard and those hidden boobytraps inside the vaults themselves. The minute I knew Happy's calculations were off, I knew something was off with the scepter. Happy is never wrong. That's when we learned that Agent Cooper isn't who he says he is.

Will Happy say yes? Toby is secretly getting Happy's ring size! I was wondering what he was doing with that napkin after he "accidentally" knocked his drink over. Very smooth there! But I have a funny feeling Happy may not be ready for this next stage in their relationship. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

I hate it when Toby is right sometimes. Saying that Linda is only dating Walter for the "high" sort to speak. I was wondering if that could be why at first, but I was hoping I was wrong. Sadly, I wasn't and neither was Toby. I do believe Toby hated saying that to his best friend. It was just hard since Walter doesn't understand this part of life at all and so for his first ever relationship (I'm guessing) to go down the drain like this was just awful and I hope he doesn't take a step back from him. 

Maybe seeing Tim and Paige together will trigger that back up again. Even though Tim is leaving for a while, I doubt this is the last we will see of Tim. Paige is dating Tim to make Walter jealous and I think Walter was doing the same without realizing that he was. Toby's comment was awesome "Those two are doing that to their dates when they should be doing it to each other". Well, if they would stop being stubborn, then they would actually get together.