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Shadowhunters "Morning Star" (Spring Finale) Episode Review

For those who have read the series like I have, this episode was no surprise at all. Of course, there was one thing that they changed and I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it happening so soon or not. 

The after math of the wedding. Alec and Magnus, the cup being taken, but they don't know it yet, and Jace still trying figure out who he is. Thinking there's darkness in him. That he needs to join his father. Buddy, you are completely mistaken, but you are lost right now, so that explains what you are going through.

Now the woman they want to stay away from, is the woman they actually have to go to for help. Camille. Very sneaky lady. Getting a pardon from Simon and such. Thank goodness all that did actually lead to the book being found. For a second there, I thought they were going to be sorry they ever asked for Camille's help.

Jocelyn is now alive and well. A little too soon for that guys, but oh well. We will hopefully get those family questions answered sooner rather then later. For once, Clary was able to have a happy moment after she sadly watched her brother walk off with the biggest villain they've ever faced, their father.

Yep, Jace has decided to take up dear old dad on his offer to join his side. Valentine always has something up his sleeve. You could tell that Jace didn't agree with what Valentine was doing. He's just struggling, but I hope not for too long. I already don't like seeing him acting like this.

Hodge is bad. Big surprise there (I'm saying it sarcastic, it was like that in the book). But that was wrapped up rather nicely. For now anyways. Who knows what might happen next season.

So yeah, not much else happened in the episode. They found the book, Jocelyn is awake, Jace went with his father, Hodge is locked up and I think that's pretty much it. I'm glad they stuck somewhat to the story line of the first book for the finale.