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Supergirl "Better Angels" (Season Finale) Episode Review

Hope is a powerful thing. So powerful in fact, that it stopped Myriad from working and Non and Indigo weren't pleased about that!

I am glad that the biggest villain of season 1 (yes, I still count Max as a villain no matter how "helpful" he has become) wasn't so easily throttled. I mean when Supergirl sent that positive message over the computers and everybody woke up, I thought "That was it?".

But it wasn't. Non had a back up plan. I guess every villain probably has one. Their back up plan? Kill everybody on earth by giving them a massive headache that would eventually explode their heads! Ok, kind of lame if you think about it, but not at the same time. Kara cares about these people and they found her weak spot.

Ok, can they please just cast someone as Superman? Superman being past out after Myriad was over and not getting fixed by Supergirl was just a bit odd to me. Not to mention that his boots in almost every shot when Kara was talking to Hank was more comical to me then anything else. I felt like they were almost putting those in on purpose. Like he's here, but you can't see him. Just bugs me that they do that. Just cast someone as him already, please?

I've never liked General Lane. Lucy is starting to grow on me, but not by much. It is nice that she's on board with all of the DEO stuff and seems to be doing quite nicely with that. But the General, not so much. Sure we saw a softer side when he thought he was going to die, but still. Not enough to make up for what you've done with Supergirl or to Hank for that matter. Lucy is right. If he doesn't change his ways, he'll lose Lucy and everybody else like he did Lois.

Is the General truly bad though? With that little 2 second clip at the end with Max, it made it look like he was bad. That could be why I don't like him, like at all. He gave myriad to Max! Like why would you give that to someone like him? He'll use it and probably in the wrong way. Yes, Max is still someone I don't trust, either. I'm just waiting for him to turn bad and I think that clip might have been when he did.

James and Kara. Where to begin? I've shipped them from the beginning. I could tell immediately that they had chemistry. They play well off of each other. So, I guess it's ok that James is the first to realize that Kara is going on a suicide mission to save earth. But shouldn't it have been Winn? I mean, they are best friends. He knows everything about her. But still, he didn't think it odd that Kara thanked him for being his best friend? I don't know maybe he just thought it was a result of getting him back that made Kara say that who knows, I just found it odd.

Of course Kara would pull the "Oh, I don't think we should get together" thing. I should have seen it coming, but you'd think that if she was going to die, she'd want to die happy knowing that the guy she's liked since day 1, likes her too. But I guess she didn't want him to go through that pain of losing her. Still, that actual kiss with them at the end was everything I've been waiting for!

So the big fight with Indigo and Non was actually a fight. Glad to know that Non can fight his own battles if he wants to and that it lasts longer then a couple minutes. Thought all hope was lost even after having beaten Non and Indigo. The true source of Myriad can't be turned off, so Kara has to fly into space to get rid of it! The catch? She may not be able to return! No need to worry, Alex to the rescue with Kara's ship! Both sisters make it back safely.

This season finale could have in a way, been a series finale as well. I hope it doesn't come to that case though (hint hint, CBS!) because it is an awesome show and they can do so much with it (first thing though, hire someone as Superman!). It went way beyond my expectations. Max could possible be bad and working with General Lane. Kara having an awesome dinner party with her family and kissing James! Then it was interrupted. But they needed some sort of cliffhanger if the show gets renewed. A ship comes! One that looks exactly like Kara's ship. Wasn't it back in season 4 of Smallville when they had somewhat of the same cliffhanger? Oh well, still awesome since we have no clue what Kara saw in the ship. I just hope it is just as surprising as her face looked when we find out what was in it.