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Supergirl "Myriad" Episode Review

Myriad, also known as mind control. Non wants to fix the planet from falling apart, but making everybody think and do the same is not the answer. What happened to having your own thoughts, opinions, being creative, etc? As Kara put it, there's more to humans then just being human.

In a way, though, I can kind of see where Non is coming from. He wants to fix the planet. But he goes about it all wrong. He wants to fix it by being the only free thinker in the whole universe. By having slaves to obey his every command. I can see why Kara's real mother put a stop to this immediately. Even if it meant that it completely destroyed their home. 

For a minute there, I was thinking we were going to get to see who Superman really is on this show, but I guess I should have known better. I'm sure I would have seen some sort of announcement saying "Oh, so and so is playing Superman!". We sadly just got a glimpse of him again and I really do mean sadly because since he has been on earth longer, his mind was affected by this.

The only two people in all of National City that weren't affected? Yep, Max because he created something when he figured out what Non was up to and Cat. Did not expect any chemistry between her and Max, but man during those scenes, I totally felt it! Do they have a past dating life or does Max have some other evil plan up his sleeve for her? I half expect him to pull a Lex here eventually. Be a "friend" and then turn on them completely.

You'd think by now I'd remember that Hank can shape shift into anything he wants to, but I keep forgetting. Alex and Hank are on the run. Hank can change and he'd make a very hard criminal to catch. That's a nifty little skill there. They run to mommy's house for cover for a few days, only to find out what's really going on back home and Alex being Alex doesn't want to let her sister fight this alone. It was nice that Alex didn't sit this one out, but she walked right into Non's plan and made his plan to bring down Kara a lot easier by getting Alex under mind control and having her go fight his battle for her. Are you scared there Non that Kara might actually beat you or what?

This mind control is creepy. I hated seeing Winn and James under it. Then there's the whole part where "Oh, you aren't going to go along with Non? Well, then he's gonna make us jump off the roof" thing. Saved 2 and lost one. Where's the Flash when you need him? Yep, that was totally my thought when those people were falling off the roof.

Is this the end of Hank or was he just passing out? I felt like if that was the end of Hank, he died rather quickly and no one felt sad of this death. I'm hoping that he was just reviving himself and we'll see him alive and well in the next episode.

Who else loves it when Cat shows her softer side? She really does when Supergirl is around. Maybe she thinks they are on the same level and she can let her guard down a little. But that speech is what perhaps saved a whole bunch of people from dying because she gave Kara hope and inspired her do to the same to the people. 

I really don't know how this is going to end. Will Kara get Myriad to stop? I'm sure she will, but not with Max's help. He wanted to do a kryptonite bomb that could possibly kill a bunch of other people in the process that would destroy what was going on. Yes, that would be good, but killing innocent people isn't. Kara wants to spread hope. Is hope the true trigger of getting people's minds back? I can totally see that happening and that would be everything Supergirl stands for.