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Vampire Diaries "Days of Future Past" Episode Review

Was anybody else completely confused during the whole episode or was it just me? Maybe it's the fact that they kept jumping back and forth between the present and past and it was hard to keep up or maybe I just didn't wasn't paying attention like I should have. But man I really didn't have any idea what was going on.

All I know is that Valerie was helping Stefan 2 years ago trying to find a cure for his wound when all along she had the idea herself, she just didn't say anything because she wanted Damon away from them. Stefan looked happy. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he was. He had a new relationship (yay, Valerie and Stefan!) and was actually having fun. But he still missed his brother.

So much so that the first time the wound opened up, he could have easily called Valerie or Caroline or hey even Alaric, but nope, he decided to go wake up his brother who all he does is cause major trouble for everybody else since the woman that can control him is in a coma for who knows how long. 

That's where we are today. I think. The only part of the episode I truly hated, was the fact that we saw no Alaric, no Bonnie and no Caroline. Where'd they go? Did they fall of the face of the earth or what? Was Bonnie still in that hospital place that Enzo visits her at? Rayna seemed to know all about their "relationship" or whatever it is since the minute she said Bonnie, that struck a nerve in him like no other.

Still, Stefan needs to listen to everybody else. Damon is bad news. He has known this since day one, but he's family. His only family, so I can see why he doesn't quite want to distant himself or lose Damon. But think of all the trouble Damon's caused. If it wasn't for Damon, Stefan and Elena would probably be happily married by now. 

Then there's the whole Nora and Mary Louise situation. So, the armory tried to recreate the cure is that what was going on? The pill ended up being a poison and Mary didn't have much time to live. She didn't care if she couldn't spend the rest of her time with Nora. She wanted that stone gone. Even if that meant both of them dying (yes, RIP Nora and Mary Louise). But now that it's gone, is all hope lost?

I just felt like this episode was a bit of a jumbled mess. Again, could totally have just been me. I don't get the armory's involvement at all. I mean, they seem to just make matters worse. Of course, kind of because of them, the stone may be gone forever, but what does that mean for my favorite character who at the last second was sucked into that hell again? I really hope they get Stefan back. The show without Stefan will be a very sad day for me. Let's just hope all hope isn't lost because that stone that should have died on day one of entering the show, is finally gone and maybe just maybe Stefan will get the hint about Damon once and for all in the stone again. Let's just hope that maybe Bonnie will have some sort of trick up her sleeve.