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Vampire Diaries "I Went To The Woods" Episode Review

First off, I've gotta say that this episode was way better then last weeks'! After watching last weeks, I was a bit hesitant in watching the rest of the season for that matter, but my faith was restored after watching this one. It wasn't a jumbled mess and I actually understood what was going on.

Maybe it helped that they didn't jump back and forth, but stayed in one time line this time - the three years forward. Now when something exciting happens, I don't know what the outcome is. It's actually a surprise and not an "oh, I know it'll work out" situation.

This episode basically explored Damon's emotions again. Not that it's a bad thing because I think we hopefully made contact with him in making him realize why he does what he does. He knows he's selfish. I think he's known that for a while now, but maybe actually admitting it out loud was the key to the whole thing. That and he actually does care for Stefan. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to him, but he doesn't want to deal with the bad in life himself, so it lands on Stefan.

Not all hope is gone after the stone is destroyed. They have an even bigger problem on their hands now that it's actually gone. The vampires didn't die and move on when it happened, they were just released into the world in random bodies to continue what they were doing before Rayna killed them! Way to go Nora and Mary Louise!

I knew that the minute we found Stefan's real body, that something bad was going to come out of it. The characters never have it easy on this show and I mean never. The guy trapped in Stefan's body really is a serial killer even before he became a vampire and now that he's alive and well, he wants to go about his killing spree again and destroying Stefan's relatively good name in the process. Not cool guys!

Stefan isn't doing great either. He is human again, but he realizes how much a pain in the butt that actually is. He has no vampire powers and the body he's trapped in is a druggie coming down from a high and then there's being lost in the woods during a freak snow storm. Yeah, Stefan really did not have a good time during this episode. But I'm just glad Stefan was actually in the episode and not gone like Valerie and I were both thinking. I'm sure Bonnie will be able to find some sort of spell to get Stefan back into Stefan and hopefully soon. There is also a clock they have to race against now.

Poor Alaric. Having to get sucked back into this vampire business even though he clearly doesn't want to be. He has a family to protect now. Whether he wants to help Stefan come back or not, he will still do it because I think he still cares for those people even if he doesn't want anything to do with them. He has a family to worry about. He doesn't want them around vampires, which is understandable because there is Damon in the bunch and he's very unpredictable. 

What did happen to Matt? I get that Stefan killed the love of his life and he wants revenge, but this is so not the Matt that I liked from the beginning. Characters do change, but he almost went off the deep end and it almost seems like he doesn't care that he is hurting his friends. Yes, even if they are vampires, they were still friends. Matt just let someone change his mind about how vampires were instead of going with this first instinct. Will we get the old Matt back?

It really broke my heart seeing Stefan having to go through what he did in this episode. Always paying for Damon's mistakes. But at least Damon does try to eventually fix it. Let's just hope this mistake he is fixing won't be too late.