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Goodbye Tony

The saddest day of NCIS has arrived. Well, to me anyways. Saying goodbye to a character is always hard. But when he's become your favorite, it's even harder to say goodbye.

Tony DiNozzo will sign off as Special Agent on tonight's season finale. No one will be able to replace him. His awesome movie quotes or references and let's not forget his amazing nicknames for McGee. Who else will be able to say those names to McGee? No one.

He has grown as a character. But somehow still managed to stay the same, goofy guy I fell in love with since I first started watching. He's one of the characters that has had the most growth on the show. At least, in my opinion. 

I think us fans are really hoping for a Tony/Ziva reunion and I really hope that the writers have thought to put that in there somehow. To run away with the one true love of his life seeing as none of his recent relationships have worked. Hey, he even dated someone who stole his identity! He hasn't been on his game.

I was so hoping that in the beginning of the season, that Tony was going to take over for Gibbs. I could totally see that happening and I actually think that's how the show was going for a while, but they had to rewrite it once they learned he wasn't coming back.

How will we say goodbye to Tony? Let's not hope it's a shocker like when Kate left. Though in a way, I wouldn't be too bummed about it. That way, we know he would never, ever be able to come back and that he can go on with his life and build a huge career ahead of him.

But in a way, I am hoping for a happy ending for him. That he can retire and go off and travel or whatever Tony has in mind. Whatever he'll do, I'm sure it'll be very DiNozzo of him and even though I am sad and can hardly stand it, I still can't wait to see how they will end the story of Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.