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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Finale

Part one opens up on a drug dealing ring that's killing a whole bunch of people and the fact that it also stumbled upon Gabriel. Still not totally sure how he was involved or what he was even doing in that warehouse, but another bad guy is finally gone.

Who's in charge of the drug dealings? Max seems really worried that they keep getting these bodies. I guess I would be too. Is this perhaps what brought Max to his next adventure? Making him realize that life is too short and to live out your dream? 

He wants to go on a doctors without boarders. Something he's always dreamed of doing and he realized that he hasn't done it yet, when he was "stranded" on that island with Kamekono. At least he'll only be gone during their break and will hopefully be back in time for the new season to start. The show without Max would seem odd.

It makes me worried when this show ends the life of one of their other bad guys. Gabriel is finally gone. After all that shoot out and trying to get him away and to a hospital, he ends up dying on the hospital table. Yay for him finally being gone, but still, it worries me when this happens. The show kind of lost something when Wo Fat died and then they got it back with Gabriel came. Now that Gabriel is gone, who's going to be the next big bad for them to hunt down? I hope we won't have to wait too long to find that out.

I'm glad that the drugs wasn't something that was pushed under the rug like so many of the story lines this season has been. Though it was sad seeing all that happen, but was nice that it wasn't a one and done thing at the beginning. Another exciting second half. With shoot outs and more. 

Loved seeing how far Danny's character has truly come in this episode. He got to be the hero and do something "stupid" as he would tell Steve he was doing. Landing a plane on a beach in order to save Steve. Steve got hurt pretty badly. Danny taking over and being the star and hero was a nice change of pace. However, I still love a good Steve save whenever they add that in there.

Danny's hero acts aren't up yet. He does something very Steve of him again. Goes after the bad guys in revenge. Got them captured and that's not all. Even gave Steve some of his liver! Well, if Steve would have died, so would the show, so yay for Danny doing that!

Very intense 2 hours and everything wrapped up in a nice little bow. Steve and Danny are both doing fine and they have found something else now. We have car arguments, plane arguments and now hospital room arguments! It was a nice way to end a very exciting 2 hours. On a light happy note. Though I did secretly hope that some next big bad was going to walk into the room. Well, see you next time Hawaii Five-0!