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NCIS "Family First" (Season Finale) Review

I love that the episode was family centered. That's what the show has basically been about. I mean, you know that once someone messes with Gibbs' family, they are going down for their crime. But this time, it took the "family" to a whole new level and I couldn't be more thrilled about how it went!

It was hard for me to watch though, with it being my favorite characters last episode, but I've gotta say that I really like Clayton. He seems to be a man of many talents, which comes in handy when you work with a team like this one. Not to mention that accent, sheesh! Those always hook me in. Still, his character seems well written and I wouldn't totally mind him taking Tony's spot. 

Like I've said before, though, no one can replace Tony or Ziva for that matter. No matter how hard they try, no one will replace those iconic characters. Tony's been with the show since day one and I bet it was hard for everybody to see him leave. I loved the relationship he had with Gibbs. They had more of a father/son relationship then Jr and Sr. had. 

It was awesome that they got Sr to come back for Tony's last ever episode. Loved seeing him in the role they decided to put him in. Still the same lovable Sr. but more so. He got to show his growth of being a father to his son in those very hard to watch scenes.

So, the man hunt for whoever is hunting down ex agents that worked on a case is still underway. The big bad doesn't totally surprise me at all. What surprises me is that it took this long for them to finally realize that he actually was bad. Yes, it's someone we've seen a bunch of times and thought "oh, is he good or is he not good?". That question was finally answered in tonight's thrilling episode.

I'm glad no serious deaths happened (yes, Fornell lived!). Sometimes NCIS does like to take that route, so I wasn't totally sure how they were going to play the episode tonight. But I actually liked that it ended like it did. For a while there, I was thinking that Tony was going to be meet up with Kort (yep, good old Kort is the bad guy!) and end in a shoot out with one or both of them being dead.

That's not how it went at all. In fact, I found it almost comical, which was good at this point, with how Kort finally got what he needed. Shot. A bunch of times. Everybody had their "say" in the shoot out and it was the perfect comedy relief.

Let's back it up a bit though and fill you in on why Tony wanted Kort dead so badly. I mean, first off, he is Kort, so there is that, but secondly, he's the one who ended up killing Ziva! We never saw Ziva, but she was mentioned plenty of times with a bunch of flashbacks that made the last episode with Tony almost more sad because that made me miss Ziva even more then I already do!

Kort claims he didn't know Ziva was in the place he blew up, but really? How could he not know? That's why Tony wanted to go after him. To kill the guy who killed Tony's love. Tony had a hard time trying to actually admit what Ziva really meant to him, even though everybody all knew already.

Then the surprise twist comes. A twist I didn't even see coming, but that's what made the family part of the show so amazing. That the writers thought to include this as to why Tony would sign off as "Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo" and would make Tiva fans rejoice!

Tony and Ziva really did have a thing in Paris and then before she left as well. So much so that she ended up having a very cute, little baby girl! It was such the sweetest twist. Tony is gonna be a dad! He was struggling with that. Not with the kid, but with the fact that Ziva never told Tony about her. I could see why. Ziva didn't want to pull Tony away from the job he loved and to possibly be hated for it later. Then there was the question "Does Talia (the daughter), know about her dad?". In fact, she did. He learned in a very sweet way, too. It was so amazing and awesome and everything how they decided to leave Tony and his character. Thank-you writers to making his send off one of the best I've seen on the show. You thought of everything us fans, at least what I wanted out of it. And thank-you Tony for your amazing character. You'll be deeply missed by me.