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NCIS: LA "Talion" (Season Finale) Episode Review

Though this was a season finale, it felt more like a series finale. I wonder if the writers wanted to play it safe in case they weren't renewed this season and end it on a good note. No cliffhanger like they normally do have one. Everything wrapped up, well except one thing.

The only thing that bugged me about this episode, is that there was no mention of the mole. With how big of a deal Hetty made of it in the last episode, I felt like we'd at least get something. Like a peak at the mole doing something or possibly a hint of who it could be, but nothing. I was almost expecting something to be said when Hetty and Granger were talking at the end, but they didn't and I was disappointed.

Other then that, this was probably one of the most exciting episodes of the seasons. Though I feel like I say that a lot, since this season has been really good. Except for some of the writing. I feel like they need to get their stories straight. Like with the mole. I always forget they have one until they bring it up and no episode focusing on it at all. Then there's the whole thing with Callen and finding out his real name. I was hoping it was going to be huge and more talk of it afterwards, but nope, nothing. Just a little here and there and then he changed his name on his driver's license and that did get some mention, but not much. I just would like the stories to be more consistent. 

Then again, it makes me wonder. They have a mole, NCIS has one and now New Orleans has one too? It makes me wonder, could they possibly tie it all together as one big mole ring inside NCIS? I don't know if they'd do that or not, but it seems mighty odd that all NCIS' have a mole now.

Sam's old enemy comes back and kidnaps Aden's school. Aden really is like father like son. We never saw much of him before this, but I hope we see more of him from now on. I really liked him and he was sure brave for how young he was. But man, shouldn't any bad guy know by now? Don't mess with Sam? I wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

I'm glad that they wrapped up this story nicely. With plenty of action, not knowing who was going to get out alive and such. Though like some season finales I've watched, I feel like they went on too long with this. They could have had plenty of opportunities to have had a cliffhanger while still inside the school, but there was nothing. However, like I did say, they could have just not chosen to do one or they just wanted to play it safe in case they didn't return for a next season. Which they are and I'm glad. Because out of all the NCIS' this one is my favorite.