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NCIS: New Orleans "Sleeping With The Enemy" (Season Finale) Episode Review

Man, the title for the season finale couldn't be more perfect. Indeed someone really was sleeping with the enemy and I was right!

From the minute Russo came onto the show, I had my doubts about him. Then there was that whole spark between him and Brodie and I was so hoping my doubts were wrong because Brodie deserves happiness. But nope, no happiness for her any time soon!

What is up with relationships lately though? Just seems to not be the happy ending lately for any of my favorite characters on shows that are in one. I guess not all the time can TV be fairy tale. They want to through a little real life in there once in a while.

Anyways, back to the episode. Which was jammed pack with excitement! But it actually mainly focused on relationships. Brodie who thought she finally found a guy, he ended up being the biggest bad guy this show has seen yet. Then there were the surprise relationships.

Ok, I called it from the beginning that Chris and Sonja had a thing for each other and another time I was right! I was wondering when a work relationship was going to start. Yes, I am a little bummed that it wasn't between Brodie and Chris, but I'm actually really ok with Chris and Sonja. They play off of each other really well and I think they'd make an exciting couple.

Now here's the surprise one I didn't see coming. Sebastian has a thing for Brodie! In earlier episodes, I thought he was just being a worried friend, but now in this one with this whole Russo business, it really showed. He has feelings for her big time, but I'm not sure if they will be returned. That would be one odd couple, but I would be for it, though. 

I am glad that it has taken this long for couples to form in the work place for this show. Not that I don't mind couples being the main focus on almost every show out there, but it was nice that they eased into it. 

I was worried for Brodie. Here she has to go up against a guy who's twice her size and she's not doing well at all. I thought for sure she was going to blow her cover before they could get anything out of Russo. She was too jumpy around him and not playing it cool like she should have. Of course, this could be the first time she actually had to try to do something like this. If it is, I'll give her some slack there. But man, that scene at the end, though! Brodie sure knows how to take care of herself. I shouldn't have doubted her character. Made me like her even more and she is my favorite, so I don't know how that was possible, but it was. She, in fact, took down Russo all on her own! That scene at the end totally reminded me of something Ziva would do.

No cliffhanger, which seems to be the theme of the NCIS shows this season. But it was nice. It was nice that the team is able to have vacation after being put on suspended leave once Washington figures all the mess out with Russo. Everybody needs it.