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Vampire Diaries "Gods & Monsters" (Season Finale) Episode Review

I'm glad we never actually knew what was in the vault. However, after seeing just a glimpse of those creepy hands that wrapped around Enzo, my mind is jumping to all kinds of creepy things and in a way I'm hoping we had known what was actually in there.

Maybe we will eventually find out, who knows, but is there a cure to it? Because now Damon and Enzo are sucked in and somehow managed to get out without Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie even noticing. Maybe there was some magic back door or that thing tricked their minds, who knows what. But the minute Damon heard Elena's voice calling out in the vault, I knew it was bad news.

Something that evil couldn't be killed that easily. Bonnie was back to normal, but I just knew that evil thing was still in there somehow. Damon thought they had won. But he should know by now, there's always a catch.

Caroline and Alaric's kids were so cute! I'm kind of sad though that they did have to be involved and find out at such a young age about that world, but at least it was better then Damon wanting to kidnap them and thank goodness Stefan put a stop to that. Could you imagine how furious Caroline would be at Damon? I would hate to be Damon if that ever happened.

It was sad watching Bonnie try all her might to stop this thing taking over her. The urge to hurt all of her friends and the man she loves. Glad to have the awesome Bonnie back. Even after just two episodes, I missed the old Bonnie. But her magic never came back. So, without their witch, how will they get Damon and Enzo back? Well, knowing this team, they will eventually find the cure. They've found the cure for almost everything else out there.

Poor Matt. Trying to be the hero and stop Bonnie from hurting her friends. He was brave and reminded me of the old Matt. But this was his wake up call. Will he be off the show or will he go on a new journey that we will see? Or will he perhaps be brought back to this world? No one seems to be able to stay away from Mystic Falls too long.

This was one of those season finales where I think they left it going a little too long. The cliffhanger was ok, but it would have been better if they would have stopped when Damon got taken and us not knowing what would happen to him. 

However, at the same time, it was nice. Seeing what was really going on. That it took 3 months until the team actually learned what Damon and Enzo were doing, until they didn't want to know after that. The numbers of "missing" (more like dead) people were going up and it just got more disturbing. Especially when you saw them in some abandoned warehouse "disposing" the bodies.

 I'm glad that they don't do the "Dear Elena" thing every episode. I don't totally mind it, but in this one, it was fitting. Filling Elena in on everything that has happened in a nut shell. Letting her know that Damon is crazy, but it's not his fault. It just kind of tied the whole episode together.