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Vampire Diaries "Requiem For A Dream" Episode Review

Why did it take almost the whole season to put vampires back in Vampire Diaries? I realized that's the one thing that has been missing this whole time and it's finally back and I'm loving the show again!

But seriously, why did it take the show this long to put it back in? I mean, before, I'd almost forget that they were actually vampires until one of them used their powers or something like that. Which I guess isn't bad, but one of the main reasons why I loved the show and why it was thrilling was because of the vampires. Because of this whole Rayna thing towards the end of this season, it finally got back what was missing.

No surprise that no one was able to get through to Bonnie. I was really hoping that Damon might have been the one to do it, but I don't know if that was his purpose. I think he was just trying to wake her up, but other people were trying to make her realize who she really was. That did no help at all. Only to make Bonnie want to hunt her friends down even more now once she woke up by marking them. Caroline so should have listened to Alaric and have left instead of him leaving.

That was basically the whole episode. I love the fact that it did center on Bonnie though. Someone who we never seem to have enough of. The show will go weeks without Bonnie even being on it and it annoys me. Maybe because she's my favorite character. But I really hope Enzo has found a plan so that my favorite character can actually be human and not want to hunt the man she loves and her friends down during her last season on the show.

However, that means releasing whatever evil is in the armory. Whatever it is, it may just be the creepiest thing this show has done and trust me, that's saying something. When I first started watching, some of the episodes were creepy, especially when they went into the ghost part of the season, but I think this evil is going to be worse then that. Just getting a glimpse of the house at the end and what it did to the people trapped inside, gave me goosebumps. If that evil thing does get released, can you imagine how mad Bonnie would be at Damon for letting such a thing happen?

In a way, I feel kind of bad for Caroline. First, she dates people who have already dated Elena and now she doesn't get the same respect they gave to Elena. Then again, she kind of brings it on herself. If she didn't date Elena's ex's she'd be much better. But whatever. I hope that Stefan, Caroline and Alaric can have some happiness. Even if they have to move on and meet someone new. Alaric out of all of them, really does deserve happiness. Not saying that the rest don't, but still, he's had the short end of the stick when it comes to relationships. Everybody dies on him. 

It was really interesting seeing inside Bonnie's mind and what that thing was doing to her. Turning all of her happy memories into vampires. Kind of sad, but it was still interesting. I kind of enjoyed the walk down memory lane, even if it wasn't for very long. 

I can see why Damon would be the first vampire she'd want to kill. I mean, because of all this, everything did change in their calm little town. But I think it was only a matter of time before it eventually happened. I mean, vampires existed well before Bonnie and Elena, but still, I can see where she's coming from. It was the Salvatores then and it was the Salvatores now. Bonnie already hated Damon, but the vampire hunter in her now, really hates him and that makes her emotions 10 times worse. Uh, kind of like becoming a vampire isn't it? But she's focused on one emotion, hatred. Unless that's the only emotion she has now, which would be sad.

I know I've said this before, but the more I see Matt, the more I really miss the old Matt. He's had the hardest life on the show. He's made something for himself, though. Even if he's the one that has changed the most. 

The season is nearing an end and they do need a new big bad of the next season. So, I shutter at the thought, but sadly I think it's going to be whatever is trapped inside that house and I think it'll be the worst villain on the show.