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Girl Meets World "Girl Meets High School" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

Aw, high school. A place that changes everybody and this show doesn't seem to lack in that department. From the minute they first walked in, everything was going to change in their perfect world.

Not that their world is perfect, but to them, it seemed like it was. Until high school was introduced and rocked their world. But for right now, it seems to be for the worse. However, there is that one saying "Things always get worse before they get better". I'm hoping the same is for this show.

One of the few times I was actually mad at Lucas. Yes, it has happened, but not a whole lot. See, I'm a Lucas/Riley shipper, so when he said "You are too much to me sometimes", it just broke my heart. I believe these two are meant to be together, so to hear him say that, it was just hard. High school wasn't at all what they expected.

Even Cory had a hard time adjusting to his new way of teaching. A student who actually saw through what he was teaching "I actually have to teach now!". By the end of the day, everybody wanted to go back to middle school.

Riley is my favorite and she always sees the good in people. I just hope that this lesson isn't her first time in realizing that isn't always a good thing. I do think that those seniors are teaching them something. They wouldn't have put them in there like they did without some sort of lesson behind it. I know how this show works, so there has to be something behind it. I don't think they are the Harley of their school. In a way, I kind of hope we get one, though.

I'm not sure which mirrored scene I loved most. The one when Riley and Maya walked in and slammed those two girls to the wall like Cory and Shawn did or when the gang walks into Cory's classroom claiming he didn't prepare them enough. And that beginning was amazing!

Aw, poor Ava. Someone who was annoying at first, but has oddly enough grown on me. Seeing Auggie and Ava together makes me realize how Topagna and Cory must have acted when they were little. But poor Ava. Having to go through a separation at such a young age must be difficult. But it would be cool if we see more Ava and Maya moments. I can see her being a big helping that situation.

I'm not sure who made me more mad, Farkle or Lucas. It wasn't all Riley's fault that their first day of school wasn't great. Farkle saying that was completely out of line and so unlike Farkle. The gang could have easily split up earlier and gone their separate ways. But they didn't and it wasn't all Riley's fault. However, it is always easier to blame someone else then yourself. That and I was so hoping that Farkle would have done the good and gone with Riley. I guess they just wanted to show us that Maya and Riley will stick together no matter what. I just hope the rest of the gang follows soon.

In the end, I'm not sure how I felt about the season premiere. Yes, I love the fact that my favorite show on Disney is back and love that they are growing the characters more and showing that it's hard out in the world, but I was hoping more for a let's try and stick together like it has been in the past. This is a 2 (or 3) parter, so it may get there or it may not. But if it's anything like Boy Meets World, then it'll get there, eventually. :)