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Once Upon A Time Season 5 Finale Review

The fight between good and evil begins! But it's a lot different then just a good person and bad person. It's more of the inner struggle that our favorite heroes and villains and used to be villains go through.

I guess Regina was never meant to be happy and find her one true love. Why did Robin have to die? I felt so bad for her. Then again, I did like how Robin died. He saved Regina, which is the one of biggest love gesture anybody can do. Regina has tried so hard to change her life around and then this happens. Will it be what tips her over the edge?

That's what everybody is afraid of and is basically walking around on eggshells around her. However, Regina is too smart for that and picks up on what's going on immediately. I liked how Emma was going to try and smooth over the fact that Hook was sent back to her. It would have been a sweet moment if it wasn't for Rumple's interruption, good ole Rumple is back at it again. He truly is the villain of this show.

He's oddly enough one of those characters I love to hate, though. Rumple is just so good at being bad and Robert Carlyle does an amazing job at getting his character across. I do believe Rumple loves Belle, but he loves magic more and Belle knows that. When Belle comes back, I hope that she can find her one true love and move on and be happy. 

For most of the episode, it was the same old same old. Go on a mission, try to fix everything and then come home and oops, David, Mary, Zelena and Hook all get transported to some other realm! I'll repeat after Regina "Again?!". Yes, again, at least it wasn't a memory erasing spell. Glad they've decided to give that one a rest, for now. We may see the light of day on that one again.

Even though this show is kind of meant for flashbacks, it was nice not having one for a change. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with two stories. Most of the time they do have to do with the same thing, but you don't know until the very end. It was just nice for a change of pace to focus on the main cast and the main time frame for once.

I was shocked at who their new villain came to be. Normally, it's someone from a fairytale that seems to somehow be connected to everybody somehow. But that's not how they decided to go this time. Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Who's one creepy dude if you ask me! I was shocked and a little creeped out that they went this direction, but it was something different and this show needed something different.

Finally, Henry gets to be in the spotlight again! Love it how they've included his character more this time around. He's the reason why they are all there, so he should get more spotlight then he has in the past. He, in fact, got to be the hero. Made the world believe in magic. Just for a second, but it was enough to get everybody home when they thought all hope was lost when Henry destroyed magic. Not to mention Henry and Violet are totally cute together!

I needed a show with a cliffhanger. All my shows lately haven't had one and not that that's a bad thing, but come on, a season finale is better with one. Just my opinion, though. This show had one. Not a big one, but it does make me curious enough to watch the next season. Rumple somehow got Mr. Hyde back to Storybrooke who now says he rules the town. That can't be good at all. Then there's the Evil Queen that Regina thought she had destroyed with the Dr's medicine. In a way, I'm kind of glad she wasn't that easy to get rid of. For Hyde or the Evil Queen. Someone who is as evil as they are, needed to put up a bigger fight and I have a feeling, that fight is coming.