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Pretty Little Liars "Bedlam" Episode Review

Who can we trust? It seems like that list keeps getting smaller and smaller lately on this show, but I hope that the people I have on my list are the ones that we can trust. However, I'm wondering how Mary is involved in this.

Of course, her whole sob story with babysitting could not be the truth. There's always 2 sides to a story, but with how she acted in this episode, I almost wonder if she might be more a victim. I could be completely wrong, though. Someone from the Dilaurentis family can't be trusted. Hey, I don't even totally trust Ali still, so yeah. I still have my guard up about Mary, but I just wonder if Elliott is really pulling something or not with her. Like telling her one thing when he's actually doing the complete opposite. 

Relationships are in turmoil everywhere on this show. From Ezra and Aria (who looks like they are the first couple to officially be back together! Yes, I called it!) to Hanna and her ex-fiance (who didn't see that coming?). Though I wonder if Hanna jumped the gun on that one just because of her not trusting herself lately. Sure her plan backfired with the Charlotte killer thing, but that doesn't mean everything she touches is going to get destroyed. But does that mean there's hope for Caleb and Hanna? 

Things don't look good for Caleb and Spencer. Seeing as when they were talking about their relationship he was talking about in the past tense. I don't think he realized he was doing it until Spencer pointed it out. Spencer was mighty jealous over the few little "moments" Hanna and Caleb had. I think she knew this time was coming. Let's just hope for my favorite couple to get back together! Yep, Toby and Spencer.

How is it possible that Liam just so happened to be at the spot that Ezra and Aria were at after the break up? Was that weird? Ok, I get that Rosewood is a small town and that was a public park, but it looked like he was following Aria. Maybe he's worried about her, but he doesn't know that Ezra isn't a creepy stalker dude. That they both love each other. I think if Aria told Liam that, he'd back off because that meeting between him and Ezra was very awkward. To Liam, he thinks this whole relationship was Ezra's creepy way, but that's not right and Aria needs to set him straight before something awful happens. If I know this show, though, that something awful happening might happen first.

I don't believe that Mary and Elliott are Uber A. I think they are trying to get to the bottom of who really killed Charlotte and I'm sorry, I'm not buying the whole "Ali did it" thing at all. Too early in the season to find out the true killer. I think the person who started all the killings, is the same one doing it now. Which is creepy when you think about it. The police have no clue that they have a serial killer on their hands. Ok, not quite a normal serial killer, but still, it's odd that whenever the four (well, five) girls all get together, someone dies. Does that mean, one of the five girls has a dark side we have never seen or does that group of friends really make someone that mad when they get together that they kill? Again, something creepy to think about this late at night, but I can't help but to make theories about this show. Even when I know it's hopeless to because most of the time, they are wrong, but I just can't help it.

So yes, Hanna is all safe and sound. Except thinking everything she touches, she destroys. She finally agreed to help Lucas with whatever he wanted her to do. Which is good, I think she'd be great at doing that. Again, though, not totally sure if now was a good time for her to decide an important part in her career. Lucas was the first one to realize her ring is missing. 

Emily is worried about Ali. As she should be. I mean, Ali is only in the hospital that the very creepy Elliott works at. She has tried to warn her friends, though, but now her dear old husband gets his say in everything. It is odd that Elliott can be her husband and doctor at the same time, but that's just this show. Ali looks awful and I feel so bad for her. Who was taking her at the end? Was that Uber -A or were her friends breaking her out? Let's hope so. I shudder to think if that was really Uber -A making their final move on Ali.