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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Premiere Episode Review

Will the Liars be able to save Hanna? That's the biggest question on everybody's mind during the season premiere which jumped right back into the how the show used to be.

Not that season 6 wasn't bad, but it lost it's creepy feeling a long the way. They totally got it back in the premiere though and it looks like this show is starting to go down a darker path. But maybe it's the wake up call they needed to get the spice back into it.

By the end of the episode, we still don't know what happens 4 days ahead of time. The girls obviously killed someone because of how upset they were and what the conversation was, but who it is and why it happened is still a mystery. Though I have a few ideas. With this show, though, it's good not to guess since they like throw in twists once in a while. So it could be anybody.

Ali is so not the killer. To have figured it out in 24hrs and all signs pointing to Ali, that was way too easy. Elliott is the one who is framing Ali. It's very obvious, but the girls don't know that yet. Why Elliott wants to have a reason to try and kill Ali, I don't know, but this show was never normal, so why start being normal now?

He's also making it so that it looks like Ali has lost her mind. I knew that Ali checking herself into that place was going to lead to trouble. That had Uber -A written all over it and how awesome was it that they actually used that title in there? 

Off topic for a second, though, anybody ever wonder if the Lost Woods Resort sign is a clue? I mean, it's never been fixed and just curious if anybody has tried to figure out if those letters spell something out. I'm bad at those type of things, so that's why I'm asking.

That dream Hanna had was a bit odd with Spencer. Was that real or was it really just a dream? I can never tell on this show anymore. I'm thinking more dream since Spencer probably would have said something or maybe it was someone who was pretending to be Spencer or maybe it was just a dream. Whatever it was, it helped Hanna escape, but possibly right into the arms of the enemy since Mary Drake is the one who picked her up at the end.

It was awesome seeing all the couples paired off. Though Spencer and Toby are still at odds and haven't done any couple type thing yet, I can only hope that it's a matter of time before that happens since things with Caleb and Spencer seem to be going on the outs. Spencer must be wondering stuff about their relationship since how overly protective and worried he was throughout Hanna's disappearance. Though I would never want Caleb and Mona as a couple, they really do play off of each other really well. I really enjoyed those scenes they had together. This high tech, sneaking around Mona is fun. At least it's someone I can sort of, kind of, trust. 

Ali now knows that the guy she fell in love with and married, is a bad guy. But will she be able to come out of the surface from all the drugs he's giving her long enough to actually say something? Let's hope so, but I know this show too well to know it'll be a while before we have a breakthrough like that one.