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Pretty Little Liars "Along Comes Mary" Episode Review


Is Mary to be trusted? After all she's done, is what she's telling Ali the actual truth or is Mary just trying to pull a fast one on her too? I really can't decide. One minute I think she can be trusted, then the next minute, it's changed. There is one truth, whoever Elliott was, he messed with a lot of people into believing something that actually wasn't the truth. 

However, there's that one question too, was Elliott doing just what he was told by someone else and he decided to take matters into his own hands at the end and try and save Ali or is something else going on? I feel like after tonight's episode there are even more unanswered questions. Especially now that they have proof that someone has supposedly seen Elliott in another state. No surprise that someone else knows about it. Hello, are they forgetting about Mona? Guess they are. She's the one who came to my mind and making me wonder if she is playing a double agent. 

Emily seems to be the only one who's having an ok relationship right now. It's new, so that may have something to do with it. But Ali is blaming herself that she didn't see Rollins coming a mile away. Hey, love can blind you and he was really good at tricking people. Aria isn't telling Ezra the full truth and I think if she did, he'd understand. He's more understanding then she's giving him credit for. Then there's that whole weird phone call from Nicole. What was that about? Was that really her trying to reach out for help or just an accident from someone else trying to call someone like Emily suggested? Or could it just be -A messing with her? I find it very odd that that would have happened right then and there. Then there's Spencer. Who can't find Caleb no matter how hard she tries. I think you guys just need some time apart to figure out a few things.

So, Elliott did more then what they thought. He stole every last penny that Ali had! She knows he's not coming back or is he? That phone call in the preview seemed suspicious. Is that really Elliott and who they had was just someone in a mask? We all know that this -A is a master of disguise. Maybe it was someone trying to help out Ali and we don't know it. Or again, this could be -A all messing with us.

What a weird group of friends to form. Jenna, Sarah and now Noel?! Almost didn't recognize him since it's been so long since he's been on! Wow, he's changed! But are they in on something or just trying to get to the bottom of things? No, I don't believe for a second that they are all "just friends catching up". 

What's up with AD taking Emily's test for her and doing really well? Almost makes me wish we had seen in the classroom then if someone like that was there. But I'm with Emily, it is odd that they'd help her out since AD or any A isn't like that unless they want something awful in return.

Ok, I get going to the apartment and trying to set up a trap for whoever was on the other line, but at the same time, it was stupid. Since they thought that the police had found the car. You'd think they'd find some evidence of the apartment and they did. Toby is put in an awkward position now that the girls found everything the police actually needed to find. All while some mysterious shadowy figure was watching from the window. Someone just brought this to my attention. How did Toby know about the place? Was it because of the car and if so, why was he there alone?

I knew we were unfortunately going to be left with an unanswered question at the end. So overly excited that it was Ezra who indeed proposed to Aria! But with all that's going on, she hesitates. I believe she wants to say yes, but with all that's going on, she's afraid what her future might be like. I hope she does and I hope Hanna figures out what she wants. I don't think she likes Jordan like she thought she did. Not since she saw Caleb again and all those feelings came back and it looks like it did for him too, no matter how much they both deny it. Toby doesn't seemed too thrilled with his fiancé either. It's just a feeling I get when I see the two together. But back to Ezra and Aria. They were never my favorite couple, but the fact that they decided to actually have it be an original PLL couple made me happy. Now we just have to wait two weeks to see what Aria decides.