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Pretty Little Liars "Hit and Run, Run, Run" Episode Review

Familiar faces came back that we haven't seen in a while and of course, a new one had to make an appearance too. A cute new one I might add, but can he be trusted? We all know how this show is about new characters.

Of course, some times, it does turn out to be good. The new character is just a character not having anything to do with the -A storyline at all, but I find it mighty suspicious that he showed up right when Spencer's part of covering up Rollins death was supposed to go down and was a huge distraction for her. Spencer is having a hard time. What with dating her friends ex and everything. I knew that was gonna be trouble for them the minute they started dating. I have a feeling that Caleb and Spencer might be ending things, and soon.

Sure, it seems like Caleb cares for Spencer, but with all this happening with Hanna and them having a moment, it's bringing up old feelings for him and realizing that those never went away. He's having such a hard time about this whole deal that he even decided to up and leave Spencer without even saying goodbye to her. Yes, rude, but it might have been something that needed to be done.

Yes, I'm team Spoby. Still hoping that there's a chance for them. Though Toby is getting married, we know how marriage happens on this show. Watched it long enough to know that that might not be a done deal until the actual day comes. Ok,  yes, it would suck for Yvonne, but still, I want the old couples to be back together and soon. This town does have a knack for doing stuff like that. Or a curse, depending on how they look at this.

I'm with Aria, why didn't they go to the police with the Rollins accident thing? It could have been written off as self defense. He was hurting Ali and probably more then likely going to hurt them as well if they weren't driving the car. Burying it makes things look worse and if -A gets their hands on this, then it's really going to blow up in their faces. Which is weird, that we haven't heard from -A at all. No texts, nothing. Makes me nervous when -A goes dark.

Aw Mona, someone who I'm not sure if we can trust, but she seems to be on the girls' side for right now. Which is good because they need her type of smarts to get out of the biggest mess they are facing right now. Though Hanna losing her bracelet wasn't the best thing to have happened to her, it was in a way, since they finally found Rollins burner phone and found out that the girl on the other end ended up being Jenna?

Yes, Jenna is back! So glad she is. I've missed her. But boy, she's still as creepy as ever. Totally lied to the girls about why she was back. No one actually knew she was coming. Toby seemed completely turned off of her and I don't blame him one bit either. At least this time, Rollins was working with someone we actually had a past with. Jenna can totally fit into the story well. 

Is Mary going to be better with Ali then Rollins or not? Ali didn't look too sure. She looked scared to death. But I have an odd feeling that she might be a little better. She hated how Rollins took things, so maybe she'll be nicer, who knows.

So, Toby's big investigation revealed big answers, but now we have even more, which is what this show is famous for by now. Rollins isn't who he said he was. Which isn't a new thing when it comes to this show. Remember Maya's "cousin"? Yeah, so nothing new there, but still, who was this fake Rollins really? That's the biggest question they have now. Hopefully whoever is behind all this will show their face and soon.