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Pretty Little Liars "The Talented Mr. Rollins" Episode Review

Wow, this season finally got back to the creepy side of what I used to love about the show so much. Now we know who that grave is for, but let's not jump ahead quite yet.

Poor Ali. I feel so bad for her. All along she thought she was going crazy, when it was the "man of her dreams" that made her think she was going crazy. Probably giving her all sorts of stuff before they even got married to make her think she was going crazy all to get her into the asylum where he'd have full control over her. I was impressed with Ali. She did not go down without a fight, though!

Toby's fiancé is back and now I'm starting to have doubts about her. Is she just playing the jealously card or is she in on this more that we don't know about? Of course, we haven't gotten to know her too much yet, anyways, so it could be me just wondering if the new character is good or bad. We all know how they like to do that to us on this show.

Hanna still won't open up about her time in the shed. She needs to, though. Bottling those things up will only hurt her worse. She needs to talk it out and get those emotions out of her before she breaks. I have a feeling that moment is coming and soon, especially now that she has something else to deal with. 

Spencer and Caleb, nope no matter how hard they try and push it, I'll forever be a Spencer and Toby fan. I do believe that Spencer loves Caleb, but I don't think Caleb's feelings are that strong for Spencer. No matter what he says, someone is going to get hurt and soon. 

Aria and Ezra seem to be back on though! See, I did call it! They were the first original couple to get back together and let's just hope the rest will follow. She seems to be happy with that and I think Aria was trying her hardest to get Hanna to open up about what she's going through, but she doesn't. Which, like I said above, is a bad thing.

Just when you thought that Elliott couldn't get any creepier he did. Not only did Hanna and Aria finally find out that he and Charlotte were a thing, Toby found out at the end, that Elliott isn't even Elliott. So who was that guy? Beyond creepy if you ask me. Someone from 1978 sure looks good if that's really still him. Ha ha. :) Not to mention all that odd stuff in his trunk of secrets.

On to who is in the grave. So glad it ended up not being Hanna like all the rumors were pointing to. In fact, it's for Elliott! I have no clue why they are covering it up. He was hurting Ali and going to hurt them in the process, I'm sure. It was self defense. But at least one creepy guy is off the show. So who really is in charge? Now that he's off, what's going to happen? Will Mary continue to run their two man show by herself? Doubtful since she had questions about what he was doing to Ali in the first place. Oh speaking of Ali, she's alive and safe thanks to her sending the tracking number to the girls' phone. But does this mean that Uber -A will step up the game now that Elliott is out of the picture? Haven't heard from him/her in a while. That's probably not a good thing, either.