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Suits "Accounts Payable" Episode Review


The drama continues. But I really am loving this season. Something's changed for this show and it's been for the better. I do miss their lawyer type cases where it's solved in one episode, but I like this new story line for right now that is.

I really love Donna and Rachel's friendship. Donna knew exactly what strings to pull to get Rachel what she wanted. To see Mike, but it backfired big time, so they had to go to the man in charge, Harvey. Who I'm surprised hasn't seen Mike since all of this has gone down. Ok, Harvey has had a lot to deal with in the past 24hrs or how ever long it's been, but still, he's Mike's lawyer, you'd think he would be visiting him making sure everything is going ok.

Then again, that might not be how Mike wants it. He made it pretty clear that he doesn't want Harvey's help fighting his battles, but it's pretty clear that Mike needs that help. Seeing as the guy that is after Mike just to get to Harvey has done a lot more then we thought he did. That would explain why Harvey looks so worried.

Frank has actually killed someone! But they couldn't prove that so Harvey had to go about putting him into prison another way. Now Harvey has to go back to Sean CaHill for help in transferring Frank out of there to save Mike's life. Who's a jerk btw, every time someone tries to help him.

Maybe he's always been like this and I'm just now realizing it or maybe he just isn't handling well being in jail. I don't know how I'd handle it either, but Mike really seems to be not doing well at all. Ok, not trusting anyone in jail is one thing, but trying to fight this for yourself, is stupid too.

We finally get to meet Mike's real roommate and I automatically like him. There's a different feeling about him then when I first met Frank. I think I knew something was off with him, but I was hoping I was wrong. With Kevin, I think the story is different. I think Kevin may just be the friend Mike needs in jail. Not to mention he saved Mike from getting into it with Frank.

Then there's the lawyer side. Of course Louis would hire movie extras to fill in their building. I think he misses bossing people around. But that wouldn't seem right to what they are trying to do. Could it be, though, that Jessica is finally seeing Louis as a good person? That praise at the end was just too good to be true.

Jessica was in a good mood throughout the whole episode. First, she was her old self, then she had a little growing experience. Realizing she wants friends, not enemies. Not sure if helping Jack out was a good thing, but hoping that Jack isn't an enemy anymore and they can be friends now or at least tolerate each other.

Though we only saw it for a few minutes, the banter between Donna and Gretchen was awesome. I hope we get more of that. It was fun and different and who in the world did Donna date that made Gretchen realize what Donna said was true?!

For once, Harvey finally did fix something. I was just hoping it wasn't going to cost him the most precious thing he had. Elliott really knew where to hit him where it hurt. That painting was all he wanted. He didn't want money, he just wanted to hurt Harvey. Seems to be the theme of the show right now. Make Harvey pay for all the stuff he's done. Still, taking away the only happy memory he had of his mother, was the worst possible way to do it. Hoping that something good might come out of it and that he'll see that painting again.