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Suits "To Trouble" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

This season seems like it's going to be darker for the show. Which is probably a good thing. I'm already hooked. I wasn't sure how things were going to go after Mike got sent to jail, but I'm not disappointed at all.

I was hoping that Mike was going to have a somewhat easy time in jail. Yes, it's jail and yes Mike and not to mention Harvey have probably put a good amount of those guys behind bars, but the minute we met Frank, I was hoping that my wish was going to come true. But then they threw in a lovely twist that I didn't see coming. I should have though, like I said, it is jail after all.

Now I'm not totally sure if I agreed with the guy at the beginning saying that Mike thinks the world revolves around him. I can kind of see that, but maybe that's just his speech he gives to everybody. Mike is no different. 

I should have known that this team wasn't going to go down with the firm without a fight. That isn't their style, but for a while, I was getting nervous. It seemed like everybody, even Jessica, had met their match. 

I don't blame them either. They kept getting hit left and right. Not only did their entire firm leave, but the list Donna had to try and contact people after they got hit with a sew notice, was fake. Then at the end, they realized they were being hacked by their clients wanting the buy ins back.

It is getting a little annoying that when everything bad happens to the show, they automatically blame Louis. Sure, some of it is his fault, but not all of it. It just made me mad when Jessica was jumping down his throat when it was basically Harvey's fault for offering Mike a job in the first place.

Poor Rachel. She's dealing with this the hardest. It was sweet that Harvey thought to go visit Rachel after he brought Mike to jail. They needed that time together. To relive the first moment they met Mike, etc. It was a cute walk down memory lane. 

Everybody seemed to be doing that. Jessica did it and Rachel did it a lot. Then they got high, yes, probably not the best thing to do in their situation, but whatever. 

Then there's Louis. Who talks to his dead secretary? Is that normal? Ok, it is Louis, but still, that was a bit odd, but a bit funny and I needed something like that right then and there. Something to lighten the tense premiere. I guess it was better he was talking to her, then to himself. That would have been really out there. Even for Louis.

Donna is such an amazing friend to Rachel. She's always there for her and no matter what they go through, she's still always there. She's that way with everybody. Donna always has the right thing to say. From talking Harvey out of leaving the firm and making the biggest mistake of his life, to just everything else she does. So, it's a shock when Donna has no words to Rachel to say with what she's going through. Donna knows when not talk to, either. She knows people and sometimes not saying something is the best thing.

Aw Frank, should have known you were bad news right when you walked in, but like I said earlier, I was hoping Mike was going to have a somewhat pleasant stay. Frank knew exactly what to say to Mike to get him to confess. Which makes me wonder what Frank really did to make Harvey put him away 13 years ago. Yep, Frank wanted to get to Mike to get to Harvey. Frank now knows why Mike is there and probably by morning, everybody else will too. He also has leverage since he let Mike use a cellphone. The minute Mike decided to use it, I knew something was off. So much for Mike having a nice roommate. I wonder who his roommate really is? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.