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Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Bear" Episode Review

From the title of the episode, I thought it was going to be stupid. But this episode ended up having a lot more depth then the title suggests. Though it still held onto the "child" part of the show to make it not too serious.

I was surprised that each character had some sort of question about life or relived a memory during the episode. It mirrored several Boy Meets World episodes. First, with the necklace. Those were perhaps my favorite scenes. Cory finding the necklace and then realizing that it was time to pass it onto Auggie. It might not go well, but Cory knows from experience, that it's probably time to do something like that.

Farkle's transformation over the seasons has been my favorite. Really loved how they changed his character, but still kept the nerdy guy, just matured him. Tonight, however, he questioned whether or not he was going down the right path. Just because you are changing and maturing, it doesn't mean that the real you is lost. 

When Maya was talking about when it was time to grow up and when they'd know it, it totally reminded me of that episode of Boy Meets World when they were in college and Topagna gets hit on by a teacher. That whole scene, they realized that was their growing up moment and this scene with Riley and the missing bear, was her growing up moment. 

Aw Zay, I really do wish we had your character on the show more often. I saw a side of you tonight that I didn't know was in there. The sweet side that didn't want anybody to feel awkward or left out because of how Maya made him feel his first day at a new school. Which could mean trouble for Josh and Maya, but I hope not. Josh has said that whenever the timing is right, they would be a couple. Which means that Maya can date whoever she wants to in the mean time. Sure, I'd love for Josh and Maya to be a thing right now, but I think Zay and Maya would be a really cute and fun couple. That way, they can still all hang out in a group together and no one would feel awkward. 

I had low expectations going in, but this episode surprised me so much so that it has now landed on my favorites list of this show. Ok, part of me still hopes that one day Riley or Auggie will find that stuffed animal. I mean, a bear can't just get up and walk away, but still, it was cute and a good lesson.