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Pretty Little Liars "The DArkest Knight" (Summer Finale) Episode Review

Ok, wow, my head is still reeling from what I just watched. What in the world is Marlene doing to my two favorite characters on the show?!

Wait a minute, I've gotta back it up a second here. Let's start at the beginning with Hanna still "missing" and the girls now thinking that she has been kidnapped by Noel. Not sure why they even came to that conclusion or if that's the only logical thing they could think of.

It didn't last long when Hanna was at a stand still and had to call for back up. Entering Mona! Love to see those two working together again. Still, though, why would Mona leave Noel behind? Of course, Mona isn't the most trustworthy character on the show, so I guess it shouldn't totally surprise me that she would do something like that.

Still, I knew they had the wrong guy from the beginning. When they start pointing the finger at someone this heavily, I know it's going to not turn out well at all. And it didn't. It probably turned out worse then any of the girls or the finales they've ever had.

Is it a crime that I like Marco and Spencer together? They are so cute together. Don't worry, though, I'm still hardcore Spoby, but after tonight's episode, not sure if theres gonna be much of that couple anymore. Another reason why this episode had my head reeling after I watched it. 

Didn't get too many answers like I was hoping for. Main one being, who A.D. is. We now know who A.D. isn't. However, with one announcement that they just made recently, my hope is restored that it's going to be a certain someone I've been wanting to be A.D. since the show first started. 

But we did finally learn who the missing child was of Mary's and I guess I should have seen it coming. They do look an awful lot a like and the timing kind of matches up with some of the dad's iffy background he's had. Yep, Spencer is the one! Mary was somehow in that creepy house that the girls were in and wanted to rescue her dying daughter.

Ok, still getting ahead of myself a bit, but I just can't put it off any longer. The girls got sent to a trap at an old school of the blind. Marlene has a knack for making anything creepy doesn't she? Of course, it was at night and with two of craziest people on the show holding the girls hostage in the house. Still, it was beyond creepy. Felt like I was watching a Halloween episode there for a second.

Guess we won't be seeing Noel anymore. He got headed by Emily and Hanna! On complete accident, though. They were defending themselves, they shouldn't feel scared or worried. Of course, with A.D. out there, I can see why they would be, but still.

I knew Jenna with a gun was gonna end badly either way. Then again, not sure if Jenna was the one who ended up shooting Spencer. There was a 3rd (or however many bodies were in that one tiny room, I lost count) person in the room who kidnapped Jenna and we probably won't see Jenna anymore either. I'm thinking whoever A.D. was, that he shot Spencer. Why he'd (yes I think it's a he) would be after Spencer, is beyond me, but then again, it would add up to my theory I've been sort of working on.

So yes, Spencer is being rushed to the hospital only for the TV to span over to my second favorite character in an awful car accident! Yes, Toby and Yvonne look like they got into a nasty car accident. I think A.D. was the cause of that. But this was after Spencer had that awesome kiss with someone who's engaged to be married, yes, not the best timing, but I think Toby was starting to have some doubts about moving on. He hates saying goodbye, but I don't think that's what was going on.

All the couples had a moment. Well, almost all of them. Caleb and Hanna. Aw, how sweet was that?! He started freaking out about how Hanna does stuff and he maneuvered the "You just won't admit that we are meant to be together!" bit in there! He either did that on purpose or he let it slip during his rant. Either way, it's about time you two realized it!

But poor Aria! I was hoping beyond hope that Nicole wasn't one of them. Ok, that sounds harsh, she could be one of the rescued victims, but I was hoping that Ezra wouldn't lie to Aria first off and then have her witness the happy reunion (was that a kiss?!) of the couple reuniting. How hard is it to pick up a phone and let your fiancé know that you didn't make your flight due to the fact that the girl you've been waiting to see might be alive after all? I mean, she thought to call you about the cop at the door, seriously, Ezra?! Was a little mad about that, but I think it'll work out since I've seen some spoilers. 

Poor Ali, she's pregnant! I didn't think it took that long for her to realize it, but I guess it does. Of course, it could be a matter of days for them when it's been like weeks since we last saw Archer. It's TV time, you never know how long it's been on a show. I was wondering why she was acting so odd throughout the whole episode. 

That moment of -A scene at the end was creepy! What's with all the -A's having a thing for dolls? Or maybe that is one -A's thing and he's been there since the beginning and maybe a clue? Anyways, -A has a collection of the girls as dolls and puts Spencer's doll in a coffin! Please tell me that's not what I think it means! Not to my favorite character! And then they leave us with the fact that 7b will be the last and we have to wait until 2017 to find out the rest! Like seriously have us wait that long? Ugh! Ok, with my rant over, it was a pretty amazing season finale and I really can not wait for the last half! Finally after all these years, knowing who's been at the top and it would be even more awesome if my suspicion came true!