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Pretty Little Liars "Exes and OMGs" Episode Review

Last week, I was believing it was Noel who was A.D., this week, I'm not so sure. He'd make a great bad guy though and I'd be totally fine with him being the big bad and he could very well be, but I guess I'm like the rest of the girls who are a bit hesitant.

Can you blame us though? Every time they've been so sure on it being a certain person, they've been dead wrong (yes, pun intended). So, before going up against a guy who could literally kill them with his bare hands (I mean, have you seen how strong he is?!), I don't blame them one bit for wanting to be certain it is him. 

But Hanna is so certain that it's him, that she's forming some plan with some secret person on the other line. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's Lucas she's planning this with. Or at least someone we know can be trusted. I'm not sure if that whole Mrs. Grunwald thing with Noel was telling Hanna that he was the darkness she was sensing or not. She creeped me out big time and so I don't read too much into her scenes. She did say something that I've been thinking for a while now, though. That the "Darkness" as she called it is someone close to them. 

I'm glad Aria finally told Ezra about the phone call. Granted, it was by mistake, but it was a mistake that needed to happen. He needed to know and she needed to not keep that bottled up in her knowing that she could have had something to do with Nicole getting rescued. Good for Aria though for letting Ezra to go there and see if Nicole is going to be alright. I just hope that there's good news waiting for him on the other side. However, if there is, I hope Nicole isn't expecting them to pick up where they left off. 

It was so cool seeing the principal offer Emily the coaching job. Ok, letting her being able to apply for it, but still, it was cool. I have missed that side of Emily. But you'll never guess who was the other one applying! Paige! Why in the world would anyone want to go back to Rosewood after they had to deal with all that stuff they had to deal with? I guess Rosewood is one of those towns where you just can't stay away. But from the looks of it, Emily may be more of that reason for coming back then Paige let on. I never really liked her much, but it is cool seeing all the old characters come back.

Yay Ali for being brave and wanting to go back to work! She sounds like she'd be a cool teacher. Now hopefully we aren't too far off from that scene we saw at the end of last season and hopefully we will know who "he's coming for you!" will be by that time. But poor Ali. Yes, she should remember how cruel kids can be. She was one of those cruel kids and now she's on the other side of how that feels. Still, what the kids were doing was a bit uncalled for. I'm surprised that whole class didn't get punished. Well, they might have, we just don't know.

Aw, Team Sparia at it again! Love their scenes so much together. They found out a little more info about the suspicious baby. I don't believe it's Noel, I have a funny feeling it might be one of the girls. Not sure why, but I did see a rumor a while back about it possibly being one of them. We don't even know what happened to it, let alone if it was a boy or a girl. Probably something that will be revealed in the summer finale.

No special -A moment, just Hanna starting to set up her plan. First, she has to make a sad "If you're watching this, it's too late" tape and hopefully no one will have to watch that.