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Pretty Little Liars "Wanted: Dead or Alive" Episode Review

Though this episode took a bit of a break from the action we've seen this season thus far, it was nice to focus on the relationships. Seeing as most of them are floundering. 

Some major break throughs happened in the relationship departments, though. Let's start with Hanna. Who hasn't told any of her friends that her and Jordan actually called it quits. I still think Hanna decided that rather quickly and there was so much going on in her life that making that kind of a decision right then and there was a bad thing, but it needed to happen. Who knows what took her this long to tell her friends the truth. But it did. Maybe she needed time to think to make sure that's what she really wanted. She seems to be more in her right mind now and thinking clearly and even after all that, she still thinks it was a good decision to end things with Jordan.

Not at all saying that it was a bad thing she did that. I wasn't really rooting for them. I wasn't even rooting for Hanna and Caleb either, but I liked them a whole lot better. I'll get to that in a second though, but Hanna has made major break throughs. Finally telling Aria that Hanna and Jordan weren't met to be and actually having a hear to heart with Spencer about it, too. They also were ones that needed to clear the air about it. 

I can see where Aria is coming from. She really wanted to say yes to Ezra, she loves him and I think they are meant for each other, but there are things that are happening right now that she isn't too sure about. However, if she just told Ezra the truth (which she finally did - not sure if she told him about the phone call though), things would be better and they were. I knew Ezra, I knew he loved Aria and that he'd be by her side no matter what. He has and always will be. So much so that he proposed again and this time she actually did say yes!

Aw Spencer and Caleb. Never liked them together. I always sensed them more as friends, not a couple. It was really sweet though what Spencer told Caleb during their break up talk. Yes, they broke up! Now there's hope for Hanna and Caleb and hopefully Toby and Spencer, too! Though is it bad that I kind of like Marco and Spencer together? You can tell they have chemistry and that they like each other, but it would be awkward if he found out the truth about what happened to "Rollins". Anyways, Caleb made Spencer feel alive again. She felt awful after her and Toby split up. But when her and Caleb got together, she felt whole again, but not to the point of her being broken hearted again if he left. He just woke her up, sort to speak.

I'm still not sure if I totally buy Mary's story. However, the more I hear of it and the more I see how she reacts to certain things, I believe she's truly afraid of Rollins. I'm wondering if he made her do stuff without telling her the bigger story and now she's finding all this out and it's making her truly terrified of him. But is he really dead? If they didn't kill Rollins, who did they kill? Who's on the other line that is haunting Hanna making her think that Rollins is actually alive? I have yet another theory about that. Still really holding out for hope that it's Wren. All the signs point to him. 

Poor Ali, who was it that attacked her? Not only that, but she also found out that Jenna and Charlotte were in on this whole thing from the beginning. That's so like Jenna. Being involved in every dirty thing that goes on in town. But how does Sara fit into the story? She never really has, in my opinion, but she looked sad when Jenna was telling Emily that story that I'm not even sure was the truth in how Sara acted after she threw out Emily. Trying to protect the girls but from what? Jenna wouldn't let her say and by the end of the episode, Sara was gone, as in dead. Do the police not realize that they have a serial killer on their hands? Well, not a total serial killer, but still, they should be wondering why all these bodies seem to be popping up and they all seem to be connected the same. 

Finally had a moment of -A at the end. Spencer and Hanna decided to see for themselves if the fake Rollins really was still buried and yep, he was there alright. But that was a big mistake. -A was filming them the whole time. What's their angle on having this evidence though? Who knows, but it's bad, I'm sure.