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Pretty Little Liars "The Wrath Of Kahn" Episode Review

I'm beginning to think more and more that Noel isn't our man. He could be the one that is the other child of Mary Drake and why aren't they doing the obvious thing by going to ask Mary about the second child? Of course, she could lie, but still, she's been so truthful about everything else that why would she lie about something like this?

Seriously, though, I think Noel is one big rabbit trail to get them off of who A.D. really is. After watching tonight's episode, I have a funny feeling that Spencer might be hiding something about the child. She did look like she thought of something while she was looking through her family album last week and she was a bit sketchy about some stuff throughout the episode. Spencer could be fine, but I just don't know.

Love seeing Hanna like this! She totally did a 180 in her character and it fits her really well. One of the girls needed to go rogue and I think she's the best one for the job. But like I said, I think she's kidnapping the wrong guy, but maybe he'll have some answers that they need in the long run.

Ok, is it bad that I'm liking Marco and Spencer? They are awesome together. Not as good as Toby and Spencer, but I can totally see something happening with Marco and Spencer and be ok with something happening between them. However, with all new characters, I am a bit hesitant with him. Is he to be trusted? You know how the Rosewood police are. I think Toby is the only one on that force that we can actually trust. 

Then there's Jason. He seemed ok at first, but I don't know, I still have a few doubts about him. Not gonna lie, I totally loved the flashback scenes of Jason and Aria. They were so cute together, but I can see why they broke up. Jason was jealous of Ezra possibly running into Aria again because like he said "they are meant to be" and I believe he was right. Still, I would have liked to have had seen Jason and Aria in the present, as a couple, but not like in their present time, because that would destroy Aria and Ezra who I like more.

So, not too many questions answered in tonight's episode as I was hoping for. But we got a little closer. We now know that whoever adopted the kid, the judge was Noel Kahn's father. Another sign pointing to the fact that Noel is the mysterious missing kid and that thumb drive! Knew Noel had to be at the dollhouse. I saw an actual guy a couple times. But so mad that the file is now gone! There was totally someone in the house, but they knew the layout well and were able to get in and out just fine. Which again, makes me wonder if it is someone who is close to them. Why else would he/she (still think it's a he) know all this stuff about them?

I'm with Paige, Emily would make a great coach because of all that she's been through. She would be there for the girls on the team and I think she'd be able to help them through it. Paige on the other hand, I don't think would have that in her to help. Another thing I thought was odd, after all this time, they mentioned Mia? Because of a box that had a symbol that she also had? Could be nothing, but I just thought that might have been a clue maybe.

No -A scene at the end, just Hanna being her awesome self and going to plan B by hitting Noel over the head and kidnapping him. Still not sure if he's the guy, but hopefully this will get some answers they've been looking for.