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Suits "Shake The Trees" Episode Review

Seriously, no one can get a break in this show! Where we suddenly think something good might actually happen for this team, something goes wrong in the worst way possible. But this team won't back down from a fight no matter how big.

Let's first start with Rachel. Love seeing this side of her and doing all of this lawyer type stuff. I believe she'd make a great lawyer for the little people who don't get to speak their mind. Even if her case just took one of the worst turns it could ever take. Sure, her case wasn't off to a good start. Leonard wasn't exactly telling the truth, but still, I thought we finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Sadly, that isn't the case. Part of me would love to see this go the realistic route and I have a feeling that might be the case. This show doesn't normally not take that route anyways, but the other part of me, wants the unrealistic thing to happen. For something to come to the light of day so the innocent man can get off of death row and live a free life. 

I love seeing this side of Jessica. The side that is wanting to help her employees out and make them feel better. The more humane side, I guess. Not that seeing the other side of her wanting to stand and fight no matter what isn't bad either, but sometimes I feel like she can be overly harsh and so seeing this side of her is just a nice change of pace.

Donna is still my favorite character. I don't think anything will ever change that. The fact that we actually got a little glimpse into her personal life is pretty big. We don't see that very often. All we see is this awesome strong lady who knows exactly what to do to fix problems. But for just a minute, we saw a side of her that was vulnerable. She had broken up with someone she seemed to still care about. Since she compared it to Louis and Sheila, the break up must have been something they didn't agree with that would have ended it. Poor Donna, but I think that might have pulled Louis and Donna closer together in their friendship. 

Aw Louis, I was so hoping that those words didn't come out of his lovely date, but they did. The fact that she has a boyfriend in California is just a bit odd. I would think if they really loved each other, they would make it work so they could be together no matter what, but maybe life isn't always like that. It is a little odd to me too that they would suggest open dating, but that's sort of good news to Louis. Who I thought was gonna walk out right when she said that. It is nice that she said that on the first date and not have him walk in on something. Still not sure about those two, but I do hope that Louis can find someone after the whole Sheila thing.

I've avoided it, but now let's talk about the elephant in the room, meaning Sean Cahill. Who everybody should have known that working with this man wasn't going to go down well at all. I knew it, but for a little bit there, I was hoping he was Mike's ticket out of jail. Sean always wants to get what he wants out of things. Guess that's the lawyer in him maybe? Still, I have a funny feeling that Sean knew that the whole deal with Mike wouldn't eventually work out the way Harvey wanted. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But now because of this, Harvey has to go deliver Mike bad news.

Thanks to all of this too, the only friend Mike did have in prison, hates his guts now and Gallo is gonna make it worse because he somehow figured it all out. I'm sure this team will eventually figure out how to get Mike out of prison. But right now, they are up a creek without a paddle.